Students Making Decisions On-line

Published: January 06, 2006 | Read Time: 2 minutes

SUU is launching a new look on its website for Future Students that combines easier usability with new technology.

Already a leader in the state in using technology for recruitment, SUU introduces instant messaging and podcasts to help future students gain information about the University.

Anyone with questions about SUU can now approach Admissions personnel through MSN Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, or through SUU's Web Live Help. This will allow students who already have an account with one of these popular instant messaging programs to simply add SUU to their address book.

Those caught up in the iPod and iTunes craze can also subscribe to a free SUU Podcast [a news and events broadcast] to their iTunes. These bi-monthly podcasts will include highlights from previous weeks’ campus events, including athletics and cultural events. Also, this will be a convenient way for students to find out about upcoming events happening at SUU and within the community.

The podcasts will be produced by the SUU Admissions Office and will be recorded with SUU’s Power 91 Morning Brew. Moreover, these 2-4 minute podcasts will also feature the newly-named Ultimate T-birds, Brittany and Kellen, current students who are enthusiastic and real spokespersons, highlighting student life at SUU. The first podcast will be introduced the first week of school which begins January 9th.

Jared Wilcken, Associate Director of Admissions, explains that behind the use of this new technology is a rock solid list of resources available for all future students and their
parents. “These include on-line applications for admission, financial aid, housing and more,” Wilcken exclaims. “Students can use interactive tools to locate housing and find their personal admission counselor.”

Information is sorted by the audience enabling seniors to access information specifically designed for them, including key contacts they will need during the admission process. Brittany and Kellen will give insight that is as Reality Web as it gets through their daily blogs [a web log]. "The goal behind these updates,” Wilcken says, “is to provide future students, and anyone helping them make decisions, with a webpage complete with everything they need to make their higher education choice.” He quickly adds, “And to provide it in the most user friendly format available."

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