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SUU to Offer Master of Forensic Science — Only One in State

Published: February 02, 2006 | Category: Academics

Southern Utah University will begin offering in the Fall 2006 semester, the only Master of Forensic Science degree program in the state!

A truly interdisciplinary professional master program, the curriculum will be a particularly strong one because it draws from the tremendous resources already available on campus. "The result being," Provost Abe Harraf says, "students will receive a broader, enriched education in this dynamic field and career path."

Indeed, the southern Utah campus is especially-equipped to offer this program to the significant pool of interested candidates. Some of the reasons in existence include:

the University's Moot Court Room and Crime Scene Lab in the Criminal Justice Department

more than a dozen terminally and professionally-qualified faculty, in place, who will serve as the foundational professors in this program, coming from the disciplines of Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science Criminal Justice and Psychology

collaboration with southern Utah enforcement agencies and attorneys

a supporting grant from the National Science Foundation

the Utah State Crime Lab housed on campus

collaboration with Utah Valley State College's Center for Homeland Security

"This master's degree is designed," Harraf says, "with our more than 1500 undergraduate majors in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Accounting, Criminal Justice, and Computer Science/Information Systems in mind. They will be ideally-prepared to continue their education in this popular and contemporary master's program."

The committee of faculty, administration and professional consultants have created a curriculum that will meticulously train students in areas that the experts practicing out in the field have stated are the skills they are looking for. A choice of six different emphases are available in the Master of Forensic program. Requirements to graduate include the completion of 12 core credits plus 18 hours in one of the following emphases:

Forensic Accounting Emphasis--
Business Law II
Accounting Information Systems
Special Topics: Forensic Accounting
Graduate Readings: Forensic Accounting
Forensic Computer Science/Information Systems Emphasis--
Introduction to Cyber-Crime
Digital Forensics
Computer Systems for Security Professionals
Networks and Internet Security
Forensic Psychology Emphasis--
Forensic Psychology
Psychology of Criminal Behavior
Legal Psychology
Readings in Forensic Psychology
Forensic Criminalistics--
Crime Scene Techniques
Forensic Science and Criminal Evidence
Courtroom Practices
Quality Assurance Principles in Forensic Science
Forensic Chemistry----
Forensic Chemistry Quality Assurance
Forensic Analytical Chemistry
Forensic Drug Analysis and Toxicology
Forensic Trace Evidence Analysis
Forensic Biochemistry
Forensic Biology
Forensic Biology--
DNA Analysis and Quality Control
Forensic Microscopy and Lab
Readings in Forensic Biology
Plus--a 6 hour internship and a 3 hour capstone that will involve analysis in court of actual cases.

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