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SUU Enrollment Continues to Lead the Pack

Published: March 07, 2008 | Category: Academics

Good news comes in threes—at least when it comes to the Utah System of Higher Education’s enrollment reports. With its latest spring semester report, released today, the USHE has confirmed Southern Utah University’s lead in student enrollment growth over all other USHE institutions. This marks the third year SUU’s enrollment growth has surpassed all others for both the fall and the spring semesters.

With a strong 3.5 percent lead in enrollment growth over the next highest USHE institution, it’s becoming increasingly clear that more and more students are looking to join the Thunderbird Nation.

The liberal-arts atmosphere, qualified professors and affordable programming available to all SUU students is to credit for the school’s continued enrollment growth. According to the Regents’ official report, SUU’s 2008 spring semester budget-related enrollment is up 5.87 percent.

Considering the University’s reputation for small classes and individual attention, along with its unique course offerings and scenic backdrop, this increasing popularity comes as no surprise to the thousands of students who currently call SUU home.

The report also shows that half of all USHE schools are down in student enrollment this spring. In light of concerns over increasing student enrollment across the nation, SUU is especially excited to continue its rise in popularity and success.

Along with increasing enrollment, of particular import to University officials are the increasing opportunities available to SUU’s students. The University is offering two new graduate programs this 2007-08 school year. In addition, it has added the only equine studies program in the state.

With high hopes to continue expanding both its student base and course offerings, University officials maintain SUU will continue to focus on the school’s niche: providing the public/private experience to students.

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