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SUU Allies with Zion to Enhance Education, Research

Published: November 07, 2008 | Category: Academics

On Wednesday, November 12, 2008, Southern Utah University will enter an educational alliance with the Zion Park Group, marked by a formal signing ceremony between SUU, Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument and Pipe Spring National Monument at the Zion National Park Nature Center at 1 p.m.

This ceremony is open to the public, and in addition to hearing from National Parks and University leaders, offers the opportunity to enjoy a Native American tribal performance by representatives from the Cedar Band Paiute Tribe.

The Zion Park Group alliance will improve educational access to valuable resources, with the goal of enhancing the services and opportunities within the National Parks Service (NPS) and the University.

The driving force behind this partnership is a commitment by all four partnering organizations to the protection of natural resources through education and research.

Though this partnership will certainly directly impact the study of geological and ecological systems, its educational potential spans a myriad of academic fields and professional interests:
• Natural and cultural resource management
• Public and business administration
• Hospitality and tourism services
• Web design
• Computer engineering
• Marketing and promotions
• Outdoor recreation
• Law enforcement
• GIS technology
• Geological studies
• Economics

As a contributing member to this alliance, SUU commits the following support to the Zion Park Group:
• Assist NPS with visitor education
• Provide adjunct faculty appointments for qualified NPS staff
• Allow NPS scientists access to the University’s research facilities
• Offer consultation services concerning NPS initiatives
• Provide expertise faculty manpower in NPS research and data collection

In turn, the Zion Park Group commits to:
• Provide student access to NPS research and development projects
• Share fieldwork and publish research in partnership with SUU students and faculty
• Increase internship opportunities for SUU students within the National Parks Service
• Provide park access for class activities, seminars and trainings
• Provide students with professional consultation from field experts

This partnership speaks to SUU’s continued commitment to providing unique educational opportunities that capitalize on the University’s business relationships, local resources and surroundings – taking education far beyond the walls of the classroom.

An alliance with the National Parks Service is further evidence of the University's success working with Bryce Canyon National Park over the past two years in a similar partnership.

The relationship and missions of SUU and both Bryce Canyon and the Zion Group include specialized services to students, park visitors and regional development. This Alliance for Education solidifies efforts of both NPS and the University to protect natural resources and provide enhanced opportunities for visitors in the Parks; expand knowledge and use of the Park as a resource; provide excellent educational and experiential opportunities for SUU students; and continue to enhance the economic, technological, and cultural development of the communities served.

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