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Students Win in mySUU Switch

Published: December 03, 2008 | Category: Academics

As the online student record management system transitioned from the outdated Banner to the new MySUU, Information Technology administrators wanted to ensure students became familiar with the new system early on – as they didn’t want the switch to cause user problems during the end of the fall and beginning of the spring semesters – traditionally busy times for students to access their SUU records online.

To increase student awareness, a campus-wide drawing connected to MySUU usage was held through the month of November. The results are in, and prizes can be picked up anytime next week in rooms 512 or 514 of the Electronic Learning Center. All winners will be asked to show their student ID or driver’s license when they retrieve their prize.

The more than 120 winners include:

Chad Thomas
Veronica Abubakari
Ryan Adams
Ruth Allred
Emily Anderson
Ryan Anderson
Taely Andrews
Mette Angerhofer
Jed Atkinson
Vanessa Ballard
Mercedes Barker
Jessica Bauer
Brittnie Beatty
Jordan Blasdell
Craig Brown
Emmeli Bulloch
Whitney Bulloch
Phillip Burr
Zachary Burton
Lee Byers
Ty Cannon
Kara Carter
Veronica Cazares
Andrea Christensen
Cade Christensen
Ronnie Cling
Trevor Cox
Dallin Crane
Amber Crawley
Spencer Crocker
Aubrey Dalling
Sam Davis
Russell DeMille
Stacy Earl
Lance Eliason
Kolbee Feese
Teisha Fooks
Tanya Forsyth
Sarah Frederiksen
James Gibson
Austin Gillins
Trevor Glover
Brad Goldthorpe
Kiersten Gray
Matt Grow
Brenna Hall
Scott Hanks
Scott Harpster
Kyle Heuett
Abbie Heywood
Sharae Hill
Noah Hopkins
Whitney Houston
Chris Hurd
Tanya Husselbee
Gregory Hyde
Melanie Iler
Thad Jackson
Laura Jacobs
Sarah Jade
Ian Jenkins
Mindy Jensen
Scott Jensen
Jordan Jessup
Roy Johnson
Dillon Jolley
Jamie Joseph
Ryan Kershaw
Mat Klein
Ethan Kleinman
Reagan Knoblauch
Ashley Kohler
Nicolas LaJeunesse
Alisa Lambertsen
Kristi Latteier
Janet LeBaron
Ashly Leavitt
Jacob Lee
Shaun Lindsay
John Lisonbee
Bryce Lister
Curtis Littlefield
Jon Loosle
Nicole Martin
Jon McNaughtan
Taryn Mecham
Matti Mills
Erin Morgan
David Moss
Jonada Munk
Scott Nay
Gustavo Ontiveros
Ashley Ottley
Jared Park
Bethany Pearson
Jael Pellegrini
Andrea Peterson
Lisa Peterson
Michael Pierce
Victoria Poon
Weston Prisbrey
Cashaana Renfro
Patti Robertson
Nancy Robinson
Megan Sanderson
Courtney Scholes
Anna Schumacher
McKenna Seegrist
Taniah Sims
Kelli Snelson
Adam Spafford
Sara Staheli
Janell Stephenson
Anthony Thomas
Megan Vance
Stephani Walker
Shay Wayman
JD Westphal
Robyn Williams
Cynthia Wilson
Dane Womack

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