SUU Convocations Announces Fall Schedule

Published: August 13, 2009 | Read Time: 1 minutes

Southern Utah University’s Convocation Lecture Series is pleased to announce the schedule for the Fall 2009 season. Each fall and spring semester the Convocation Lecture Series endeavors to introduce a “Feast of Ideas” to both the campus and southern Utah community. 

This semester, as always, Convocations welcomes many renowned presenters representing a variety of academic disciplines and wide-ranging schools of thought. The year the series kicks off with physicist Dr. Robert Davies, who is an Associate of the Utah Climate Center, discussing the gap between the science of climate change and the public’s perception of the issue. Dr. Davies’ work in the field of climate change is nonpartisan. He is not affiliated with any political or environmental organizations, nor is he paid for his work. He seeks to serve as an objective and informed scientific voice to the public, free of professional or financial motive. 

Dr. James Aton will give SUU’s 2009 Distinguished Faculty Lecture. This award winning author and academician will fascinate and inform while discussing the Green River and Desolation Canyon, one of Utah’s most remote areas. 

Dr. Jianli Yang is a leader in the Chinese democracy movement. Dr. Yang was protesting in Tiananmen Square when the now infamous 1989 massacre took place. His involvement in the cause put him on a list of 48 protest leaders banned from China by the Chinese government. His Convocations lecture will help SUU commemorate the 20th anniversary of this historic event. 

Additional Convocations will examine SUU’s long-standing tradition of service and service-learning in southern Sonora, Mexico; explore the current political situation in South Asia, including Pakistan; and consider the ingredients that contribute to one’s overall sense of confidence and personal success. 

Convocations are free and open to the public. For times, locations, and full details of each presentation please visit the SUU Convocations website.

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