Ballroom Dance Company Wins National Titles

Published: December 02, 2009 | Read Time: 1 minutes

Southern Utah University's Ballroom Dance Company brought home two national titles after attending the 23 annual U.S. National Collegiate Ballroom Dance Championships in Columbus, Ohio. Winning the U.S. National Collegiate Formation Championship in both Latin American Dance and Standard Ballroom Dance, the team couldn't be more ecstatic. 

The team performed their two six minute competitive formation routines to the delight of the audience and judges. Some of the dances included in their routines were the Cuban Cha Cha, Spanish Paso Doble, American Jive, Viennese Waltz, the English Quickstep and Argentine Tango. Their high intensity routine had the audience clapping to the music, cheering at the formation highlights and ended with the only standing ovation of the championships. 

SUU's team moved elegantly and majestically in unison as they demonstrated their outstanding skill level in each dance. The team shone among many well-recognized schools like Arizona State, BYU-Idaho, Georgetown, NYU, and Ohio State. 

With unanimous judge's consent, the SUU team took home top honors and two national titles as the current U.S. National Collegiate Ballroom Dance Formation Champions. In addition, SUU's Ballroom Dance Company received a USA Dance Organizational Scholarship for excellence. 

Returning home to Cedar City, the team is both exhausted and ecstatic, and will continue to travel and represent their title in competition and performance throughout the United States.

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