Bookstore Textbook Offerings to now Include Rentals & eBooks

Published: April 20, 2012 | Author: Jane Clark | Read Time: 2 minutes

Students at Southern Utah University repurposed used shipping boxes to build an enormous cardboard structure in the center of campus this week and distributed “Join the Evolution” stickers to fellow students. The effort was aimed to build awareness about new, environmentally sustainable and affordable options for textbooks being introduced at the SUU Bookstore.

This fall, students will be able to rent print copies of textbooks from the SUU Bookstore or one of its affiliates as well as rent or buy digital versions. The evolution of the Bookstore’s textbook options comes as a result of a recent survey revealing overwhelming student interest.

Bookstore Director Jane Clark describes the rental process as “buyback in reverse.” Traditionally, students purchase textbooks at retail price during the beginning of a semester and then sell the text back to the bookstore at the end of the semester for less than the original purchase price.

“Rentals allow students to save money in the beginning of the semester instead of recovering some of their cost at the end of the semester,” says Clark. Students simply pay the rental price at time of purchase and conveniently return the text at the end of the semester.

In addition to rentals, students interested in electronic texts will be able to download their textbooks through the Bookstore as well at a fraction of the cost of a printed version. eTextbooks can be purchased for life or rented for a period of time.

Not all titles will be available in-store for rental or eTextbook purchase, though more titles will be available through the Bookstore’s on-line affiliates. In store, the rental program will focus on providing a sustainable lower cost option for the more expensive textbooks that are expected to be used on campus the following semester.

With these additions, the Bookstore now has four different types of book offerings: buy new, buy used, textbook rentals and eTextbooks. Students are encouraged to purchase based on which option best suits their individual educational needs and goals.

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