Votes Needed to Amend SUUSA Constitution

Published: September 24, 2013 | Read Time: 2 minutes

You, a student of Southern Utah University, to create a more fair and perfect university, are asked to participate in the amending of the SUU Student Association Constitution.

Beginning Wednesday, September 25, SUU Student Association (SUUSA) officers will be asking all students to come to the Sharwan Smith Student Center to vote for the amending of the constitution so it can then move forward to the Board of Trustees, and then be etched in stone.

Now before you think that this doesn’t matter to you, Bailey Bowthorpe, a senior studying communication and SUUSA vice president of academics, is here to tell you otherwise.

“Every student is a member of the SUUSA, no matter if you’re an officer or not, voting for these constitutional amendments do matter. It affirms that students really do have a say in what goes on within their school and it continues to hold their SUUSA officers accountable,” said Bowthorpe. 

Bowthorpe went on to say that the changes that were made are “not Earth shattering, but all are completely necessary to give further clarification and transparency to the SUUSA Constitution.”

A few of the amendments to the SUUSA Constitution will be:

  • GPA requirement changed to a 2.75 for all students wanting to run for office and then must maintain a 3.0 GPA during the semesters in office.
  • If an Executive Council office is vacated after he or she is elected and before the start of the academic school year, then the first runner up from the recent election shall assume the office.
  • Students double majoring may cast one vote for a senatorial candidate within each respective college or school in which their majors are housed—only if their majors fall under different colleges.

Voting will last all day Wednesday, September 25 and booths will be located outside the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Policy within the Sharwan Smith Student Center.

The changes that have been made have already been approved by the Constitutional Amendment committee, which was made up of 15 students, the President’s Council and now you.  Vote and see what difference you can make.

SUUSA officers will be present at the voting to answer questions and to pass out SUUSA constitutions. 

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