October 15 Graduation Deadline looms for December Grads

Published: October 01, 2013 | Read Time: 3 minutes

Though December may seem far off, students planning to graduate at the end of the fall semester have a critical deadline looming long before they need to worry about the last of their final exams. The fast-approaching October 15 graduation application deadline for December 2013 SUU graduates marks a mandatory step in the road to a diploma.

The October 15 application deadline applies to students planning to graduate with any degree or certificate, at the associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s levels.

The online application must be completed through the mySUU portal in order for a student’s records to be finalized and approved for a diploma. And though students do have until the middle of the month to submit their application, they are encouraged to begin the process early, as roadblocks may arise if the student has failed to formally declare their major or minor, or if they make a mistake in the application paperwork.

Per University policy a $50 late fee will be charged for December 2013 graduates who submit their graduation application after October 15.

The application is located in the “Student Records” link of the portal by selecting “Apply for Graduation.”

The first and most important step of this process, according to the University’s assistant registrar, Sheila Johnson, is to complete an online degree audit which cross references every credit a student has successfully completed against the requirements for the student’s intended degree. Though not required, Johnson encourages students to look at their degree audits with their academic advisor to ensure all requirements have been addressed and eliminate any last-minute surprises at the end of the semester as a student prepares to leave campus.

“There is nothing to prevent a student from simply applying online without meeting with their advisor,” said Johnson, “But it’s just smarter to start at that level.”

Students may schedule an appointment with an academic advisor online at suu.edu/uc/advisors.html or by calling Academic Advising at 435-586-5420.

Regardless of whether a student opts to meet with their advisor as they apply for graduation, Johnson says students need to ensure they have selected the appropriate options as they generate their degree audit; otherwise, they may be approved for or denied a degree based upon the wrong requirements. Johnson says this happens more than you may expect — another reason to review the degree audit with an academic advisor.

Students must ensure they have selected the correct degree, major, concentration, and minor (if there is one) before generating an audit. If the student’s intended choice isn't offered as an option for the degree audit, the student has never formally declared the degree, major or minor. At that point, students must fill out a change of major form, obtain the advisor's signature, and submit the form to the Registrar's Office.  Once it has been processed and added to their record, the student can then complete the application.

There is a $15 application fee for all graduates. The additional $50 late fee goes into effect October 16, 2013, for fall graduates.

As with all graduation deadlines, the University has set the fall deadline far enough in advance to ensure students have adequate time to make alternate plans, should their eligibility for graduation be in question.

Beyond the looming October 15 deadline, Spring 2014 graduates must apply for graduation no later than December 15, 2013; Summer 2014 graduates must apply by February 15, 2014.

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