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How Do You 'Experience More'?

Published: January 06, 2014 | Category: Special Events

We print it on billboards and t-shirts and tout the very best of it as we recruit new Thunderbirds. But the details of the University's "Experience More" directive shift with each student as they find their own path from freshman orientation through graduation. We want to hear about every one of those experiences that, together, prove Southern Utah University students truly do experience more.

SUU University Relations is looking for the University's stars in a new "Experience More" media campaign. Share your stories to help showcase the University's greatest asset—our outstanding students. Please tell us: How do you experience more?

With aim to reveal all that is special and unique about SUU, as well as showcase the diverse collection of individuals who compose our student body, the Experience More Video Campaign will feature a series of students—yet to be selected—in short video clips that tell the story of who they are, what their daily lives are like and how they experience more at SUU.  

Current students are eligible to apply, and members of SUU’s faculty and staff are encouraged to recommend standout students who they believe bring the phrase, “Experience More” to life.

For some, the concept of experiencing more is grounded in academics, through faculty-student collaborations, innovative undergraduate research or hands-on experience in a student's chosen field. For others, it may be competing as a Division I student athlete, being part of a student club, performing on stage or getting involved in community service. And others still may have a very non-traditional student experience: balancing family and career obligations while working toward a degree, relying on the help of faculty and staff to keep it all together.

There are many such stories at SUU—7,745 to be precise—and every single one is just what we’re looking for.

If you would like to share your story or recommend a student who you believe personifies the phrase “experience more”, please submit an online form for consideration. If selected, students will work with members of the University Relations team to gather video and audio footage that tells their personal story as an SUU Thunderbird.

Each week throughout spring semester, a new student clip will debut on the SUU homepage where it will remain until replaced the following Monday. Clips will also be shared through SUU’s social media outlets and, occasionally, through more traditional media and recruiting efforts. Use your 15 minutes of fame to showcase your Thunderbird pride.

Keep in mind, there are just 17 weeks this semester and with this week’s clip debut, only 16 spots remain. Send us your story now to become one of SUU's standouts. 

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