SUU Nation’s Best in Master’s Online Programs

Published: May 15, 2014 | Read Time: 3 minutes

With the increasing trend of higher education’s presence in the online world, it’s no surprise that Southern Utah University has proven itself as one of nation’s best with it’s fully online Master of Professional Communication program, according to Best Online Colleges.

As only one of 20 universities in the nation chosen for this accolade of Best Online Communications and Public Relations Degree Programs, SUU is also the only university in the state of Utah selected.

Along with choosing universities that best use technology to connect and educate students in the communication field, Best Online Colleges chose institutions that “combine the convenience of online studies with top-rated programs,” according to a press release by Best online Colleges.

However, beyond simply utilizing online technologies, SUU proved itself true to a forward-thinking mission, which includes programming for hands-on, field specific experience for every student making them more marketable in a competitive job market — even if the student is not on campus — SUU stood out further among the ranks for its applied research skills and the flexibility it gives to busy professionals.

Universities included in the 2014 ranking were commended for “meeting the needs of today’s students who have careers, families and other obligations that may make the traditional campus-based college programs less beneficial to them.”

It is this population of non-traditional students, who are unable to come to campus, that Provost Brad Cook states is necessary to serve.

He said, “SUU prides itself on its professors being highly personable, which is essential for undergraduate students, but for many graduate students coming to campus every day isn’t possible. So we take what we are good at, giving that personable and attention, and integrate into our online classes.”

 Cole Sanders was one of those students, unable to leave his home in Orem; he chose to complete his graduate degree online.

“Initially I was skeptical about obtaining my master’s degree online, but it hasn’t been difficult,” stated Sanders. “The professors have been fabulous about keeping up to date and informed, it truly has been an easy transition.”

Sanders is part of the 63.2 percent of SUU graduate students within the last three years obtaining their degrees online, it’s no doubt that SUU has been steadily increasing its catalogue of online graduate programs.

SUU isn’t just meeting the needs of students seeking a graduate degree in communication. It also offers the non-traditional students the opportunity to complete an advanced degree online in the following graduate degrees online: Master of Accountancy, Master of Education, Master of Arts Administration, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Sports Conditioning & Performance.

Remarkably, students can complete these programs 100 percent online without ever setting foot on campus. Programs soon to be launched are Master of Business Administration and Master of Music.

According to Best Online Colleges, universities and colleges were chosen based on findings from the National Center for Education Statistics that took into account career/technical education statistics, retention of students and student indebtedness.

Best Online Colleges is a pioneer in online educational resources for students and with the trend of more university’s entering the online realm, making it necessary to help students find the best University to fit their profile. By combining educational data with surveys and academic resources, Best Online College administrators evaluate and rank the best places in the U.S. for online degree programs of all subjects. 

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