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Scholarships Increase for Nontraditional Students

Published: October 06, 2014 | Category: Campaign for SUU

The Daniels Fund recently increased funding to Southern Utah University for the Boundless Opportunity Scholarship. Since 2007, students attending SUU who need financial assistance to complete their education have benefited from generous support from the Daniels Fund Boundless Opportunity Scholarship.

The scholarship is intended for highly motivated, non-traditional students seeking the next level of achievement in their lives, regardless of their life path.

The Boundless Opportunity Scholarship (BOS), provided by the Daniels Fund, is available at select colleges and universities in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Each year, SUU awards BOS scholarships to qualified adult learners who have a gap in their academic history. These non-traditional aged students are often highly motivated and dedicated to achieving their degree.

Lynne Brown, director of the SUU Student Support Center, tracks the achievements of previous recipients and finds the majority are gainfully employed in a professional field and giving back to their communities. Of three recent single parent graduates one is a teacher, one a nurse and another a field supervisor for the Bureau of Land Management.

“This program has a significant impact on whether these students successfully earn their degree or not,” said Brown.

Candidates for the scholarship must demonstrate financial need and other categories established by Daniels Fund. The categories include adult learners, GED recipients, foster care youth, juvenile justice youth, veterans, and individuals pursuing EMT/paramedic training.

“Adult learners who dream of bettering their lives with a college education are often least able to afford one,” said Linda Childears, president and CEO of the Daniels Fund. “Boundless Opportunity Scholarships are intended to give a boost to non-traditional students seeking the economic and social benefits of a college education.”

Since 2003, the Daniels Fund has provided over $1.5 million in Boundless Opportunity Scholarships to non-traditional students in Utah, and SUU has received $146,500 since 2007.

The program received its name from a quote by Bill Daniels, founder of the Daniels Fund and former owner of the ABA Utah Stars, “America remains the greatest nation on earth, where boundless opportunities still exist for each and every one of us.”

For more information on the Boundless Opportunity Scholarship at SUU, contact Lynne Brown at the SUU Student Support Center at or (435) 586-7771) or visit Daniels Fund at Funds for spring semester 2015 may be available.

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