Nation’s Best Buy for Three Years Running

Published: October 09, 2014 | Author: Alex Homer | Category: Academics

For the third consecutive year Southern Utah University has been named in the annual “America’s 100 Best College Buys” for its superior quality education as well as its affordability.

In its annual appraisal of colleges and universities across the nation, Institutional Research & Evaluation, Inc. selected SUU as one of only 14 schools in the western U.S. to be included in the list, proving SUU has undoubtedly made its mark as an exceptional institution offering both quality and value to students across the region. With a very affordable price tag, students and their parents get the most out of their educational investment at Southern Utah University.

SUU ranks second in overall cost when the Institutional Research & Evaluation, Inc. factored in tuition, fees, room, and board, but ultimately examining the quality of education a student receives for a small price tag.

With SUU maintaining this status for three consecutive years speaks to the exceptional education that is offered for a low price at SUU, something all prospective students are looking for, according to Stephen Allen, interim vice president of student services.

He went on to say, “SUU’s reputation is gaining national and international attention as a high quality institution of higher learning. As families consider the return on investment of an SUU education, it is clear that we are a tremendous value.”

As close companions to SUU’s mainstay attributes of experiential and personalized education, excellence and value have also become well-known traits of the University, marking solid strides in retention and graduation rates as well as the academic records of incoming classes in recent years.

“Being recognized in 100 Best College Buys for the fourth year in a row does not occur by accident,” Allen said. “SUU has worked intentionally to provide a meaningful and relevant educational experience for students.”

Institutional Research & Evaluation, Inc. is an independent research and consulting organization, active in recruiting students for enrollment in higher education institutions.  Its mission is to “identify the 100 American colleges and universities providing students the very highest quality education at the lowest cost.”

Each year, the organization conducts its Annual National College Survey, which provides the basis for the rankings. 1,143 schools participated this year and were evaluated on their academic rigor, tuition fees and housing costs. Institutions may not pay to be included in the resulting listings.

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