Take Heart, Take Part: Alpha Phi Creates Family on Campus

Published: February 18, 2015 | Author: Tommy Gugino | Read Time: 3 minutes

Alpha Phi members during Philanthropy week“It’s not four years, it’s for life.”

This statement rang through the minds of past and present members of the organization as the women of Southern Utah University’s Alpha Phi prepared for their rush week events to recruit new members at the beginning of the semester.

Katrina Empey, current president of the Theta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi, explained that during rush they look for many qualities in their potential members. She said, “We really want girls who are dedicated and want to better themselves. Together we are a whole and we want to help each other to grow.”

Empey rushed the sorority three years ago and was nervous to try; stating she didn’t think it was who she was to join a sorority.

Giving the group a chance, Empey joined and now looks back on the experiences that Greek life has given her and knows it can do great things for its members, just like it has done for her.

“Sororities and fraternities are big support groups,” Empey said. “We have so many girls that are far away from home and we’re their family and are here to support them.”

Erin Hulse, a new member of Alpha Phi, rushed in January and said of joining the sorority, “For the past three years I’ve attended this University I’ve seen the amazing things Greeks do and the friendships that have formed and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Keri Mecham, a founding sister of the Theta Sigma chapter and the current SUU director of Student Involvement and Leadership, said Alpha Phi helped her to become a better woman.

“Being part of the sorority provided me the opportunity to rub shoulders with women that inspired me and that I looked up to, even now I'm impressed by the amazing things my sisters in the sorority have accomplished in both their personal and professional lives,” she said.

Mecham, who is still in contact with her sorority sisters 20 years later, encouraged all students to come and try the rush process, explaining that Greek life is much more than a social calendar.

“A Greek life experience can really enhance your [involvement]...and help you grow as a person. The fact I was able to be exposed to people who are different than I am has really made me who I am,” she said.

One way that current and past Alpha Phi members are enhancing their student involvement is through participation in Alpha Phi’s Philanthropy Week, taking place now through February 21.

With all proceeds from the group’s Philanthropy Week going toward the Alpha Phi Foundation, which supports women’s cardiac care, members are hosting a variety of events for the campus community culminating in Saturday’s Red Dress Gala.

Gina Dodge, director of philanthropy for Alpha Phi, said women’s cardiac care is one she holds close to her. Her grandma almost died from heart disease a year ago and will attend the Red Dress Gala this year to support women’s cardiac care. 

She said of Philanthropy Week, “Service is a huge value (of Alpha Phi) and this week is a great way to do such a huge service project in a short period of time.”

For a complete list of Alpha Phi’s Philanthropy events, visit SUU Events

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