Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in Summer Semester

Published: February 19, 2015 | Author: Olyvia Meyer | Read Time: 3 minutes

Collection of photos of summer at SUU. With weather this amazing, no wonder you can’t stop thinking of summer. With registration now open for summer semester, it’s time start making plans to summer smarter at Southern Utah University. As you’re making your list of options, don’t forget about summer semester, it could be your ticket to getting ahead.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should enroll in summer semester:

  1. Snatch a job. Summer is the perfect time to snag that job you’ve been coveting, one with better pay and hours. Job openings may be slim during your typical semester, but during summer many job openings are available by those who left town for the summer. Most importantly, these highly desired jobs carry over into the fall when the pickings get slim.
  2. Pocket some cash. Going to school is cheaper in the summer. FAFSA can cover tuition (visit Financial Aid for details) and in-state tuition is offered to everyone. Also, the price of housing both on and off campus drops drastically, some apartments costing half of what you pay during the spring and fall semesters.
  3. Graduate early. Did you know that you could complete a 20-week class in only five weeks during the summer semester? SUU offers a choice of four mini sessions to provide maximum flexibility in scheduling classes, allowing time to work and play. 
  4. Get your letters of recommendation. Summer classes are generally smaller and provide a greater level of individual support from professors. If you’re applying for graduate school or need a good reference for a future job, summer may be the perfect time to get to know that professor who can help.
  5. Pass the class you’ve been dreading. Summer semester provides an opportunity for students to focus on just a few classes. Many of the tougher classes (ahem… organic chemistry) are offered during the summer, allowing you to get that A and move forward with your degree.
  6. Get to know Festival City. There’s no place in the world like Cedar City in the summer. Festivals, parades, and fairs continue week after week. The Shakespeare Festival offers discount passes to SUU students who wish to see the many plays happening on campus and don’t forget about the Utah Summer Games. You could become an arm-wrestling champion.
  7. Find new friends. Parents don’t make good roommates. Stick around to enjoy the perfect weather, bonfires, and hiking trips that make Cedar City summers so memorable. SUU’s Outdoor Center offers free trips throughout the summer to the nearby national parks and recreation areas.
  8. Do research. Get the edge over your peers by taking advantage of the many research opportunities available during the summer. Professors from all departments are seeking assistance.
  9. Become the resident expert. Living in the backyard of some of the most prominent national parks in the country certainly has its perks. Become familiar with the awe-inspiring hikes in Zion National Park or take a selfie with a hoodoo in Bryce Canyon, all within a 45-minute drive from campus. When everyone returns in the fall, you’ll be the go-to guide for all outdoor excursions.
  10. Get ready for a church mission. If you’re planning on leaving the state in the coming months, now may be the perfect time to get some general education courses out of the way so when you return you will be one step ahead of the rest. SUU also offers courses specifically to help prepare missionaries who are venturing abroad.

If any of these reasons seem appealing to you, schedule a meeting with your academic advisor and ask for a side-by-side comparison of your university experience with and without summer studies. The difference may surprise you.

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