Legal Scholars Program Prepares Students for Law School

Published: March 24, 2016 | Read Time: 1 minutes

Legal Scholars ProgramThe Legal Scholars Pre-Law Support Program at Southern Utah University focuses on preparing students for law school and providing opportunities to network and gain experience. Despite its youth, the program has recently gained momentum, holding an admissions workshop attended by students whose majors varied from political science to accounting.

Hosting University of Utah’s Reyes Aguilar Jr., associate dean for admissions and financial aid, and Brigham Young University’s Gayla Sorenson, dean of admissions, students were given a glimpse into the law school admission process. Held March 17, in the newly renovated Mock Trial Classroom located in the General Classroom Building, these aspiring law students soaked in the combined expertise and knowledge the two deans of admissions had to offer.

Covering subjects from “Rules of Writing Personal Statements” to “The Ins and Outs of the Application Process” and “Resume Content,” the workshop proved helpful and instructive for many students.

“It was very enlightening,” said Brance Jones, an accounting major and pre-law student at SUU. “It gave me a lot of insight into the thought process of those who review our applications.”

Deans Aguilar and Sorenson ended the night with a question-and-answer session, after which refreshments were served. The event was a success, providing exactly what the Legal Scholars Pre-Law Support Program is designed to accomplish, said Christine Taylor, program director and lecturer of criminal justice.   

The stated mission of the program is to “provide students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to work effectively, competently, ethically, and successfully as paralegals…as well as to support students in seeking their goals of attending law school and becoming attorneys.”

Open to all students, this program is the best way to prepare for law school during undergraduate studies at SUU. For more information about the program, contact Christine Taylor at (435) 865-8563.

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