The Ladies League: Turning a Passion for Sports into a Website

Published: March 09, 2016 | Author: Alex Homer | Read Time: 2 minutes

Ladies LeagueOnly 10% of sports reporters, columnists and editors are women even though 45% of NFL fans are female and an additional 30% of MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR and college sports fans are also women. Not to mention the thousands of female amateur and professional athletes.

To address the imbalance in sports media, a group of female students from Southern Utah University have created The Ladies League, a new website for women who play sports, work in sports and watch sports. The website offers a medium for women to express their views and insight on current events within the sports world.

David Berri, professor of economics at SUU, encouraged his students to create the site. “I thought there needed to be a space for women to write about sports without men shouting them down. The Ladies League is a place where women get to talk about sports the way they want and represent an unheard population of people.”

Molly Cosby, a marketing major at SUU, is the Editor-in-Chief of The Ladies League. She said the main purpose is to give women a forum where they can voice their opinion. “I think the site takes the reins off and allows our writers the freedom to express themselves without a filter,” said Cosby.

While there are other all-female sites dedicated to sports, The Ladies League, according to Cosby, is more broad and takes the perspective of all sports rather than just focusing on a niche market.

“We’re not going for fame, we just want to write,” said Cosby. “From the readership side, we have a vast range of topics written by people with diverse backgrounds, so if someone has a specific interest, they can follow a certain writer.” 

Taylor Cella, an economics and marketing major at SUU, is responsible for designing the website. “I enjoy having an opportunity to get my work out there,” Cella stated. “As someone who is a big sports fan, this website is a great opportunity to showcase my design, writing and creativity skills.” 

Although The Ladies League started at SUU, it now has writers from North Carolina and Florida. There are also prospects in New York, Los Angeles and Texas.

As far as where the site can go, Cosby says “the sky is the limit.”

Women who are interested in being a part of The Ladies League should visit their website to learn more. 

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