Beyond the Wall: The Border as Spectacle and Performance

Published: February 07, 2017 | Read Time: 3 minutes

Cristina IbarraSUU Convocations is proud to present the award-winning, independent film maker, Cristina Ibarra. She will be presenting in the Gilbert Great Hall in the Hunter Conference Center, on February 9 at 11:30 a.m. Ibarra will be discussing her new film, Las Marthas. The film takes place near her hometowns, taking a closer look at the Hispanic and Colonial traditions that have been taking place for over a century. As is the case with all of the SUU Convocation Series, this event is free and open to the public.

Cristina Ibarra is a Chicana Filmmaker that has been active for the past fourteen years, creating, directing, and producing award-winning independent films on the U.S.-Mexico border. Her hometowns of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, both being on the U.S.-Mexico border are the cause for her films being extremely personal and captivating. Along with her newest film, Las Marthas, she is the creator of the PBS Documentary, The Last Conquistador, the short fiction, Dirty Laundry, and several short interstitials for the “New York International Latino Film Festival” She describes her work as a combination of, “the dramatic, documentary and spectacle, in order to examine culture through a new lens.”

Besides winning awards such as: “Best US Latino Film of the Year (2014)” by Cinema Tropical, “2014 Jury Award” in San Antonio’s CineFestival, and one of NBC’s Top 10 Latino films to watch in 2014, it is a truly personal and awe catching story. The film takes place in the town of Laredo, Texas, telling the story of a tradition, of over a century’s age, that has grown into an entire month of bicultural celebrations. Following the story of a several young girls who participate in traditions mixed with Mexican heritage and Colonial style, to complete their rite of passage.

The creation of her films and shorts have been a way for her to deeply understand the heritage in the area that she grew up, while also enlightening the rest of the world. The stories and lives of the people that she has explored and learned about help to illustrate the connection of caring families that span across the border trying to keep connections alive. Above all it has been important to Ibarra, her friends, and team to keep the stories true and to, “unravel the layers of identity, legacy, and history that makes this event so meaningful to folks.” Ibarra said, in an interview with PBS.

International Cinema at SUU

International Cinema at Southern Utah University (ICSUU) presents an exciting and diverse line-up of films for this year’s film festival. The theme of this year is “Cinematic Dialogues” and will feature films in French, German, and Spanish. All films are subtitled, free, and open to the public. This film festival is made possible by the support of the SUU Department of Languages and Philosophy, the Provost's Office, the Grace A. Tanner Center, SUU Convocations, and a grant from Utah Humanities.

Cristina Ibarra’s film, “Las Marthas” will be played on Wednesday, February 8 at 5 PM in the Sharwan Smith Theater.

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