Vocal Students Take Phoenix by Storm

Published: February 02, 2017 | Author: Ashley Pollock | Read Time: 3 minutes

Vocal students with awardsStudents in Southern Utah University’s Department of Music recently returned from the Cal-Western Regional National Association of Teachers of Singing Competition in Phoenix, Arizona. Many of the students from SUU who participated received awards in the competition. The region encompasses Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California and Hawaii colleges and universities as well as independent teachers in those states with over 340 singers competing.

Carol Ann Modesitt, Professor of Music, said, “Out of the 11 students who went to the competition from SUU, nine of them received awards. I believe that speaks greatly to the quality of instruction here at SUU. Our students were competing against individuals from larger programs. I am extremely proud of the all of the voice teachers here at SUU who give our students exemplary instruction.”

Students who received first place in their divisions were, Ian Allred, Lower College Musical Theater Men; Eliza Carpenter, Lower College Musical Theater Women; Claire Robinson, 19-Year-Old Lower College Women. Second place awards went to Emily Dimond, 19-Year-Old Lower College Women; Madi Davis Ilgen, 21-Year-Old College Women; Matthew Henry, Adult Men; Rebecca Dayley Parkinson, 22-Year-Old College Women. With third place awards for Tamsyn Scott, 18-Year-Old College Women, and Jocelyn Taylor, 21-Year-Old College Women with an Honorable Mention for Jordan Sanders in Advanced College Men.

Sophomore Claire Robinson learned that vocal performance is the perfect degree for her studies. She said, “As a young adult it is often easy to question choices.  A music major, like most majors, has intense time commitments and difficult classes. I have sometimes questioned myself and wonder if what I'm doing is really right for me. The NATS competition is honestly one of the reasons I have become so firm in my decision to pursue a vocal performance degree. Singing thrills me. It unequivocally makes me feel joy. It inspires me. I am grateful for patient professors who challenge me and let me see the beauty of music. I have a stronger understanding and respect for it and now want to do my best to honor it when I sing.”

Eliza Carpenter, a Sophomore studying Musical Theatre, said, “I have never competed in any sort of vocal competition before so being a part of NATS is huge for me! It definitely took my personal vocal and theater training to another level and I am glad I was able to jump out of my comfort zone into something that could only help me improve. The experience taught me to remember to push myself and take risks.”

Ian Allred, a sophomore Musical Theatre major from Scottsdale, Arizona, said, “Probably one of the biggest takeaways I got from the competition was the importance of having fun while performing. We spend months practicing our songs and improving our technique but once you get up there in front of the judges you have to enjoy it. If you are overly focused on if you are singing correctly or concerned about a note, the judges will notice.”

All of the students who placed will go on to the next round which is held on YouTube and encompasses the entire United States. If students place in that competition, they will qualify for the National Competition this summer held in Boulder, Colorado.

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