Southern Utah Girls get Hands-on Experience at SheTech

Published: May 10, 2017 | Read Time: 2 minutes

SheTech 3D PenWith over 130 students from across southern Utah in attendance, SheTech Explorer Day exposes high school girls to technology through workshops with tech companies, competitive problem-solving events and networking activities. Led by Dr. Shalini Kesar, associate professor of information systems, SheTech Explorer Day is hosted at Southern Utah University and involves current students, faculty, local and national businesses. Girls are attending from the St George and SUU SUCCESS Academies, Cedar City high schools, and Delta and Panguitch high schools. 

This day-long event includes hands-on workshops in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The ultimate goal of SheTech is to expose high school girls to technology in a fun atmosphere, allow them to connect with STEM role models, and to learn about interesting professional and educational opportunities in those fields. 

The day is interactive with hands-on projects related to solar technology, app building, rockets, and 3D printing. The girls will begin with workshops hosted by Adobe, SkyWest, Legend Solar and Dell EMC. The workshops include:

Solar Power 101 - How does solar power work? What are the benefits? What does the future hold for solar power? You will learn all you want to know about solar power and this rapidly growing industry. 

TechArt - Join the Dell EMC team to learn about how HTML and CSS program the web and bring your art to life!

Flight Crew to Ground Control - Help SkyWest Airlines maintenance team get their flights out on time and talk to crewmembers during a real flight!

Pick Your Place in Technology - Did you know that working in technology is not just coding? You don’t have to be a scientist or mathematician, you just have to be creative with the drive to get things done. Let us show you all the different roles you can play in the tech industry that help bring technology to the masses. From DNA research to predictive forecasting to owning the executive track, you’ll see why we love the tech industry and why we know there is a place for you! This is a fun, interactive session to prepare you for the diversity of roles available to you in technology. 

Adobe Dreamweaver - Learn how to use the responsive web design capabilities to build websites — from starter Bootstrap templates — that adapt to various screen sizes so your content renders gracefully.

After the workshops, students will engage in an inclusive networking event TechZone, which offers hands-on opportunities for the girls with artificial snow and robotics, among other things. The day will conclude with a competitive event, putting the girls on teams to solve a problem using technology. 

SheTech is an initiative of the Women Tech Council, an organization providing leadership, resources and mentoring for women while highlighting their professional accomplishments and creating a female technology-based business community.

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