SUU Rolls Out New Degree Boost Badges

Published: October 22, 2018 | Author: Parker Rawlins | Read Time: 2 minutes

girl studying in librarySouthern Utah University recently launched the Degree Boost Badges, a new initiative aimed at bridging the gap between graduation and career. Degree Boost Badges support any degree with training in marketable skills that help graduates secure a job. The skills included in Degree Boost Badges aim at employment areas that have a majority, 80% or better, of jobs which require complementary skill sets.

These badges are available for any degree-seeking student. Augmenting degrees with a practical skill set broadens the spectrum of jobs available to recent graduates and gives them the potential to earn a higher starting salary. SUU currently offers the following Badges:

Design Tools - Department of Art

Digital Communication - Department of Computer Science

Technical Writing - Department of English

Entrepreneurship - Department of Management

Web Design - Department of Computer Science

Each badge requires four courses for a total of twelve credits. Throughout the badge process, students will gain complementary skills, outside of the core skills of their degree, that employers are looking for.

Students can earn multiple badges. Earning a Degree Boost Badge strengthens student’s resumes, giving them an advantage when applying for a new position. Electronically linked to SUU, badges can be listed on a digital resume, official transcripts, and professional sites.

“Most potential employers won't take the time to view your entire transcript to see what classes you've taken,” said Aimee Kaiser, Academic Coordinator of the Integrative and Engaged Studies Department. “A badge makes it easy for an employer to see that you've demonstrated proficiency in a particular skill. The degree boost badges can augment any degree, any major, with a proven, practical skill set.”

With strategic planning at the beginning of their degree, badges can be fulfilled by students with no additional costs or credits. Students can contact their advisor or the faculty badge representative to start planning.

Find more information on the Degree Boost Badges.

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