New Dale Carnegie Courses Begin Spring 2019

Published: November 02, 2018 | Author: Andrew Brown | Read Time: 2 minutes

Students in classStarting in the spring of 2019 Southern Utah University will offer Dale Carnegie community or undergraduate and graduate online courses. The courses have been developed in partnership with Dale Carnegie Corporate and Dale Carnegie of Utah. There are two seven-week online Dale Carnegie courses launching in the spring: GOSC 5200: Carnegie Basics Certificate and GOSC 6200: Carnegie Basics Seminar.

Based on Dale Carnegie’s 1936 book How to Win Friends and Influence People, the courses were originally built under the leadership learning block for the Master of Interdisciplinary Studies (MIS) degree. Now other SUU schools and departments are getting on board. Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Music Technology students can take GOSC 6200: Carnegie Basics Seminar as an elective.

"So much of what musicians do is at the intersection of creativity and successful interpersonal relationships,” says Dr. Steve Meredith, assistant to the president for institutional effectiveness and director of music technology at SUU. “The Master of Music program in Music Technology at SUU is pleased to provide the opportunity for our students to receive Carnegie training as part of their degree program. It does so much to improve the types of interactions that musicians face every day.”

Chris McCormick, Cedar City area chamber of commerce president and CEO, has nothing but praise for Dale Carnegie Training.

“I took the Dale Carnegie course on Effective Communications and Human Relations over 30 years ago and it transformed my life,” McCormick said. “This course helped me to open my mind to new ideas, improve my communication skills, develop greater self-confidence, and have a greater passion for life. I highly recommend the Dale Carnegie program to anyone who desires to get more out of life and their relationship with others. To this day I utilize what I learned in the Dale Carnegie program.”

In an interview with Mike Myler and Sam Hughes, SUU’s partners at Dale Carnegie of Utah, Myler said, “70 percent of Dale Carnegie course participants receive a promotion, a raise, or a new opportunity within a year following the course.” Hughes added, “Google, Microsoft, Dell and many other Fortune 500 companies are investing in their employees with Dale Carnegie Training. Invest in yourself by taking the opportunity offered to you at SUU.”

Both the Carnegie Basics Certificate and the Carnegie Basics Seminar, launch in Spring 2019 and are available for community members, undergraduate and graduate students. Check with your advisor to find out if either of these courses can be counted as an elective in your degree plan.

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