A.P.E.X. Events Presents Diandra Leslie-Pelecky

Published: October 10, 2019 | Read Time: 2 minutes

Diandra Leslie-PeleckyA.P.E.X. Events is excited to present trailblazer, Diandra Leslie-Pelecky! Diandra is a woman who does it all! She is a fiction and non-fiction writer with expertise in philosophy, physics, and a career in nanomedicine. Her SUU event, The Physics of NASCAR, is sure to get every audience member more curious about the science behind the world of racing! You are invited to this one-of-a-kind event on Thursday, October 17, at 11:30
AM, in the Great Hall on SUU’s campus. Her book, The Physics of NASCAR will be available for purchase and signing.

Working at the intersection of science and story, Leslie-Pelecky uses her background as a nanomaterials researcher and master science communicator to bring science to audiences who aren't necessarily looking for it. Her non-fiction ranges from scientific and popular articles about nanotechnology to the science of fast cars. She also brings her unique experiences to screenplays, stage plays, and television. Within these forms she writes about the scientific culture, ethical challenges, and the wonders of discovery.

Leslie-Pelecky’s book, The Physics of NASCAR takes you from behind-the-scenes at top race shops to 190 miles per hour on the race track – and answers the question every NASCAR fan has asked at one time or another: Why isn’t my favorite driver winning? From building cars to everything else that happens in the shop before the driver shows up, The Physics of NASCAR gives you an inside peak at the science of winning races. You’ll learn how the “cars of tomorrow” are changing racing; the impact of fuel formulations; and whether “soft walls” are really soft. In addition to a better understanding of the technical side of NASCAR, her book will also introduce you to the people whose passion for science and racing is evident every time cars get on a race track.

"NASCAR is a fascinating subject and such an exciting sport," said Dr. Lynn Vartan, director of A.P.E.X. Event.  "Diandra explains how the cars work and the physics that make the magic happen. Her motivation, versatility, and talents are shining examples of what A.P.E.X. Events are dedicated to presenting to our SUU community! I and the team are so proud to welcome her to campus!”

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