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Published: March 11, 2020 | Read Time: 1 minutes

Did you know that there are many types of bees living in southern Utah? While most associate pollination of outdoor plants to honey bees, solitary bees native to the region have been around for much longer. Solitary bees do not produce honey, they do not have a queen, and as their name would suggest, they live alone and are not aggressive. But they are a garden's best friend.

Kickstart your garden this year by building a family of pollinators for it. On March 18, residents can learn the art of solitary bee keeping at SUU Community Education in a one-day class. Study the development, propagation, pollination and commerce of this master pollinator and receive a solitary “bee condo” kit to begin trapping and nesting bees.

“We've only been using honey bees for pollination efforts for ages, but we really need to diversify other species,” said course instructor Kimball Clark, owner of in Kaysville. “Solitary bees are great for gardens, flowers, and fruit trees and they keep other nuisance bugs away.”

Other classes offered this spring include classes in gardening, preserving the garden, landscaping, xeriscaping, and raising backyard chickens. And after a hard day's work, what would be better than a hot shower with soap from a bar made in a SUU Community Education soap making class?

And don’t forget about the most popular community class, Meet the Chef, with performances by The Twisted Noodle, Don Miguel’s, Pisco Peruvian and Director of Southwest Tech’s Culinary Arts, Chef Drew. Other culinary classes include basic breadmaking, and a three-part series in The Art of Tasting Chocolate featuring American, European, and unique inclusions.

Chef Pisco

For more information on any of SUU Community Education’s spring classes for 2020 in art, business, arts and crafts, music and many more, visit, email , or call (435) 865-8259.

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