Online/Remote Summer Semester - Frequently Asked Questions

Published: April 03, 2020 | Read Time: 2 minutes

In order to keep COVID-19 from spreading, SUU has made the difficult decision to join the other colleges and universities in Utah and extend online/remote class instruction through the summer semester.


Q: Is the SUU summer internship program for students canceled?

A: Unfortunately, as of today, the SUU summer internship program has been put on hold.

Q: Will current student jobs continue into the summer if they’ve been available in the past?

A: Please check with your supervisor on their plan for summer employment. Many offices may be reducing work expectations for current student employees over the summer.

Q: Are students able to work remotely for SUU from their permanent residence?

A: In some unique cases, students can continue to conduct their work remotely without having to come on campus. Students should visit with their supervisor about this possibility.

Q: Should students return to their permanent residence or stay in Cedar City this summer?

A: We would encourage all students to return to their permanent residence if they are able. However, we recognize that all students have unique situations and some may need to stay in Cedar City. If students are working essential jobs, they are welcome to stay as long as they feel safe. If Cedar City is a student’s permanent place of residence, they should stay. If students are in the aviation program and are planning to fly this summer, they should stay.

Q: Will there be SUU sponsored activities going on this summer on campus?

A: As of today, offices around campus have canceled their summer activities. Campus will be quiet, much like it is today.

Q: Will campus be closed during the summer?

A: Very few campus offices will be open physically until the Governor lifts current directives to stay home. Until then, many campus offices will be closed physically, but all offices will be open remotely. University business will proceed via phone calls, emails, and video chats.

Q: Will SUU employees continue to work from home this summer?

A: SUU encourages all SUU employees who are able to work remotely to do so. We understand that some employees are essential to daily on-campus University business and they will continue to work on campus. Please work with your supervisor to make the right decision for your particular position.

Q: What’s the difference between Online Delivery and Remote Delivery?

A: ONLINE Delivery (asynchronous, without regularly scheduled meeting times; complete the course at your own pace, meeting deadlines as outlined in the course)

REMOTE Delivery (synchronous, with regularly scheduled meeting times, much like a face-to-face course; Oftentimes with structured group video chats or watching live lectures from the instructor.)

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