Business Management Student Named University Valedictorian

Published: April 20, 2020 | Author: Lyndsey Nelson | Read Time: 2 minutes

Colton Fowler University ValedictorianFor business management student Colton Fowler, the journey to graduation was a stressful one, but after four years of hard work, Fowler is honored not only to graduate with a 4.0, but to graduate as Southern Utah University’s 2020 Valedictorian.

Throughout his time at SUU, Fowler has appeared on the Dean’s List multiple times, was recognized as the Outstanding Junior in Management his junior year, and has worked in the Tutoring Center. However, his time at SUU has not been without difficulty. After the death of a close family member towards the end of his senior year, Fowler found himself lost and wondered if he would be able to continue with his education.

“It was very difficult, but my professors and the staff here all worked with me to help me make it through that and still be able to graduate as planned and not have to extend my time here more than necessary,” Fowler said. “Being named valedictorian was extra validation for all the hard work I put in. I’m sure there are many other students that deserve this just as much as I do and I just feel honored that they chose me.”

Originally from Tooele, Utah, Fowler was drawn to SUU by the small class sizes and scenic location and has found professors and students alike who have helped him grow as a business leader and an individual.

“The faculty here is amazing, and there’s a lot of really great students here,” Fowler said, “I had Dr. Price my first year for Microeconomics and he was a really great teacher. He showed us that he cared about us as students and as people wanting to succeed.”

“Colton is a phenomenal student,” said Dr. Joshua Price, associate professor of economics. “He wrote a great research paper on how international players perform in Major League Soccer. But his true legacy will forever be the Pringles Problem currently being used in ECON 2500.”

Fowler’s interest in business began in high school. Upon his graduation, Fowler decided he wanted to run a film studio.

Upon graduating with his bachelor’s degree in business management, Fowler is excited to continue his time at SUU. He will be completing a master’s degree in business analytics here at SUU before officially starting his own business outside of school.

“I can’t imagine making it this far in life without the support of my mom and dad and my brothers and sisters,” said Fowler. “I’m incredibly grateful for my girlfriend, Rebecca, and all the amazing faculty that have helped me through the past several years and my boss, Tony Sage, getting that boss was crucial to being able to graduate.”

Fowler also reminds his fellow students to, “talk to people, make connections, especially with your professors because they can help you out along the way and in the future.”

In recognition of their hard work and dedication, five incredible students have been named SUU’s valedictorians for 2020.

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