Jayson Matlock Selected to Join Diversity Leadership Program

Published: January 12, 2021 | Author: Savannah Byers | Read Time: 2 minutes

Jayson Matlock, financial aid coordinator at SUUJayson Matlock, financial aid coordinator at Southern Utah University, has been selected to represent the Rocky Mountain Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators in a year-long Diversity Leadership Program.

Each year, a group of six financial aid professionals in the United States are selected for this program. Applications are peer-reviewed through the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA). Each of the six selected professionals represents a region of the United States.

Matlock, an SUU alumni, has been working in financial aid for nine years, the past six as a full-time professional. He primarily works with incoming freshmen and new students at the university. David Hughes, director of Financial Aid, encouraged Matlock to apply to the program. Last year he was selected as a finalist, and this year he was selected as a program leader.

"My experience as a first-generation, low-income student has helped me to understand the different struggles that students will face and how to overcome them,” said Matlock. “A lot of the time, it's not just about asking the question, but providing solutions to the questions that students do not know how to ask. My aim is to be a greater advocate for students, and provide access to help them succeed in life.”

The Diversity Leadership Program provides professional development and leadership opportunities to marginalized and underrepresented financial aid administrators across the country. Programs like these work to make universities more accessible, equitable institutions.

“Efforts such as the Diversity Leadership Program allow underrepresented individuals to acquire new skills and reach their potential, and I am confident that I am able to help others at the university see things from a different perspective,” said Matlock. “In order to continue growing as a university we have to create new ways to communicate and innovate, and validate the experience of others. I am hoping that the skills I learn from this program can perpetuate a stronger environment of inclusivity within Enrollment Management and throughout the university.”

Opportunities during this year-long program include the NASFAA National Conference, the NASFAA Leadership Conference, courses through NASFAA U, mentorship from a member of NASFAA’s Board of Directors, a position on a NASFAA committee, working group, or task force, as well as many others.

“I am truly grateful for the support and encouragement from my leaders Brandon Wright and Amie Tukuafu,” said Matlock. “In addition, I must thank David Hughes, Financial Wellness, the Financial Aid staff, and the Admissions staff. They have all shown continued appreciation for the perspective I bring to the table, and I am thankful to work alongside such a brilliant team and leaders.”

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