SUU to Offer $9000 Online Bachelor’s Degree

Published: March 25, 2021 | Author: David Bishop | Read Time: 2 minutes

Southern Utah University to offer $9000 Online Bachelor’s DegreeIn an effort to make getting a college education more affordable and accessible, Southern Utah University will offer an online Bachelor of General Studies degree that will cost no more than $9,000. At just $75 per credit hour, it’s believed the SUU program is the least expensive college degree offered by any public university in the United States.

“A bachelor’s degree is the entry point to the 21st century workforce. At SUU, we believe it’s our moral responsibility to offer a college degree that provides both quality and affordability,” said SUU President Scott L Wyatt. “The cost of higher education has outpaced inflation and prohibited some from the opportunity to attend college. Our new online Bachelor of General Studies degree is meant to be a disrupter in the higher education model and be more inclusive.”

The new degree will focus on people who are either already in the workforce and looking to advance their career or those who have some college credit but no degree, and can’t finish because of the cost. Research shows that someone who earns a bachelor’s degree will on average earn nearly $25,000 more per year than a high school graduate.

The rising cost to attend college often prohibits people from attending or graduating. On average, the national student loan debt is more than $32,000. The new SUU degree significantly drives down the cost to attend college.

“We are reducing the financial burden that often stops a person from pursuing their academic goals,” said SUU provost Dr. Jon Anderson. “In addition to the lower cost, we provide great flexibility for students in this degree program. Each class is offered in a seven-week session so that a student can focus on mastering fewer subjects at one time and progress incrementally toward graduation. This degree is inexpensive, but it is not diluted. Students will receive the same rigorous and transformational learning experience they would in any degree program at SUU.”

SUU was founded nearly 125 years ago to give accessibility to students who lived in rural Utah, away from the population center of the state. With modern technology allowing for online classes, SUU’s new $9,000 Bachelor of General Studies degree removes another barrier to receiving a college education.

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