SUU Implements New Water Conservation Efforts

Published: July 13, 2021 | Author: David Bishop | Read Time: 2 minutes

Water conservation at SUUIn an effort to preserve water during the state’s ongoing severe drought, Southern Utah University has established new conservation efforts to further enhance water management methods previously adopted. These new efforts bring SUU into full compliance with Utah Governor Spencer Cox’s recent executive order.

Since April, SUU has cut water irrigation on campus by 25-30%. In addition, the University is also developing strategies for further reductions. Those new methods include: reducing the frequency and duration of turf watering; removing turf in low use areas; additional mulching added to retain soil moisture levels; and raising the mow height to three inches or greater.

"Stewardship over all of the resources we have available to us is important. Over the last 15 years, Facilities Management at SUU has made remarkable strides in managing utility consumption in more efficient ways,” said Tiger Funk, SUU assistant vice president for facilities management. “As the campus continues to grow, we recognize our impact on local resources increases, but with prudent management and input from everyone on campus, we can significantly minimize that impact."

SUU has previously reduced water consumption by installing low-flow fixtures in all restrooms, saving an average of 60% of water over older faucets, toilets and sinks; installed synthetic turf in Eccles Coliseum, saving 300,000 gallons of water per year over the past decade; replaced water-cooled ice machines with air-cooled units; and installed smart irrigation systems that reduce the frequency and duration of each watering station on campus.

As students return to SUU for the fall semester, they are encouraged to save water as much as possible to preserve the diminished natural resource.

"Resource conservation is definitely a collective effort on campus, we rely heavily on students, faculty, and staff to bring ideas and issues to the table for conversations,” said Funk. “There are several facets to conservation on campus beyond the projects being completed by Facilities Management - the Sustainability Club, campus recycling, academic course content, the Sustainability Committee, T-Bird Bikes, an academic sustainability minor - are all examples of positive impact on resource utilization at SUU. Everyone can take part. It's as simple as turning off a light or reporting an issue when you see it that can add up to remarkable savings."

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