Get Out This Winter with SUU Community Education’s New Lineup of Classes

Published: January 28, 2022 | Read Time: 3 minutes

alerie and Neal Pack will get you ready for a healthy garden and teach several preservation methods this spring

Cedar City, UT - Southern Utah University is helping the community beat the winter blues by offering classes in its spring schedule for getting you out of the house and learning something new. Returning favorites gives you the opportunity to build on previous skills learned in advanced American Sign Language, watercolor painting, and gardening. Classes new to the community education lineup include crochet, sourdough bread baking and four different photography classes.

“It’s that ‘aha’ moment in which somebody understands just a little more than they did before they walked into my classroom,” said Asher Swan, Understanding Your Camera and Marketing Photography instructor. “This is why I teach, educate and mentor.”

The four new photography classes include Landscape Photography, Desert Night Sky Photography, Understanding Your Camera and Marketing Photography. There is something for every budding photographer looking to master the settings on their camera and learn tricks to produce better landscape, night-time, or product photography.

If you are looking for a new hobby, try the three-week Crochet introduction starting in March. Materials are provided in the class taught by Andrhea Winder. She will also share creative ways to use your new skill, such as making crocheted toys and animals.   

“It is always neat to feature new instructors and add trending and culturally enriching classes to our lineup,” said Melynda Thorpe, executive director of SUU Community and Professional Development. “Learning something new and improving our hobbies and skills is an important way for all of us to stay active and healthy.”

Sure to impress your family and friends by learning some new culinary skills. Learn how to make delicious sourdough bread in February or new grilling techniques, like “cave-man style,” in Grilling 101 starting in May. The Sourdough class instructors Kalub and Jessie Spendlove say they are excited to share their passion and experience with those eager to learn.

If you’re looking to get out and move this spring, you might try a recreation or dance class. The Pickleball class starts in April and teaches techniques for serving the ball, basic grip, forehand and backhand hitting and rules. The Salsa Dancing class is a fun way to reconnect with a friend or loved one and starts in March.

Enjoy learning how to watercolor by starting with the basics in February. Learn essential art and watercolor concepts, as well as problem-solving strategies to work through decisions and complete paintings. All experience levels are welcome to come and learn this easy and expressive art form.

Whether you’re wanting to learn a new hobby or skill, find a fun way to spend time with a friend, or something to do on any given week-night, Community Education is a great way to spend your free time.

The SUU Community Education program offers classes, workshops and events for the purpose of generating fun, cultural and educational opportunities for those who love to learn. While increasing participant knowledge, programs provide non-credit experiences for community members wishing to develop new hobbies, skills and areas of personal interest.

To register for classes check online or call SUU Community Education at (435) 865-8259. For those who need assistance enrolling in a class, drop by the J. Reuben Clark, Jr. Center at 300 W. University Boulevard, Cedar City, Utah.

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Photography instructor Asher Swan will teach four different classes to help improve your camera understanding and composition skills.

Valerie and Neal Pack will get you ready for a healthy garden and teach several preservation methods this spring


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