New Online Bachelor’s of Aviation Administration and Leadership Degree Takes Off

Published: February 07, 2022 | Author: SUU Online | Read Time: 2 minutes

SUU helicopter flying against sunset backdrop, mountains beneathSouthern Utah University continues to soar with its aviation program, now offering a fully online degree in a Bachelor’s of Aviation Administration and Leadership. This degree will provide students with the tools to become leaders in the aviation industry in as little as three years.

“SUU's new major in aviation administration and leadership offers students interested in careers in the aviation industry a flexible, affordable, and well-rounded course of study to prepare them for management positions in a number of aviation-related sectors,” said Dr. Patrick Clarke, department chair of aviation sciences. “The built-in business management minor provides a solid foundation of management principles that will aid anyone interested in leadership roles.”

Graduates of the aviation administration and leadership program will obtain an understanding of administrative practices germane to the aviation industry and the ability to apply those principles in leadership contexts. Students will also grasp a conceptual and applied understanding of Total Quality Management (TQM), High-Reliability Organization (HRO), and Systems Thinking. Through these skills, the overarching learning outcome will be to intelligibly and accurately discuss aviation industry particulars with industry participants, faculty and staff, and fellow students. Students will also be able to inform other interested parties of the aviation industry particulars which may not be common knowledge to individuals who are not directly involved in the aviation community.

This degree prepares students for roles such as being an airport or airline manager, airfield operations officer, freight and cargo manager and other opportunities within the Federal Aviation Administration.

“Those already working in the industry looking for a relevant program of study to finish a bachelor's degree will find this program ideal for meeting their educational goals,” said Dr. Clarke. “There is also room for existing coursework completed at other institutions to be used to help meet requirements for the degree, making it a flexible option for many.”

SUU Aviation is the highest altitude university flight school in the country with the largest university-owned helicopter training fleet in the world. The program continues to be on the cutting edge of the industry, training tomorrow's aviation leaders. Learn more about SUU Aviation.

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