Professional Sales Annual Thunder Sales Competition Makes Its Debut

Published: April 04, 2022 | Author: Kate Johnson | Read Time: 2 minutes

Thunder Sales Competition makes debutSouthern Utah University’s first Annual Thunder Sales Competition, hosted by the Professional Sales program, is set to take place on April 13, 2022, 5:00 - 8:00 p.m., starting in the Starlight Room of the Student Center. The competition will be held in three parts with multiple prizes up for grabs.

“Students who want a leg up on their competition in the job market should find every opportunity to attend as a personal pitch participant and a spectator,” said Kurt Wankier, Director of Professional Sales. “Real-world cases are the foundation of the competition and will be a can't-miss opportunity to test their skills and learn from an unparalleled experience.”

Kicking off this competition, students have 60 seconds to give a personal speed pitch to judges. This section is available for all students at the university. Participants will learn the benefit of being able to pitch an idea quickly, creatively, and thoroughly while under pressure. The top eight who give the best pitch will win prizes. 60 competitors are allowed for this portion of the competition, so students are encouraged to register early.

Students from the Professional Sales Advanced Selling Techniques class and select students from the Marketing Club will participate in the second portion of the Thunder Sales Competition, held in the Convention Center. These students will prepare a sales pitch from a case study provided by Zonos, the event’s sponsoring judge. When it is their time to take the stage, each student will have 3 minutes to give their sales pitch in the hope of making it to the third and final round.

To determine the grand prize winner, the top students from the second round of the competition will have 3 minutes to offer their final pitch on the stage of the Church Auditorium.

Dinner will be served to all participants and catered by High Voltage BBQ. Zonos, a sponsor and a judge of the competition, is a software company that specializes in technology used to solve cross-border issues. Other judges and attendees will come from various businesses across the state including NoviHome, a company proficient in enhancing the buyer experience through technology. With businesses like these in attendance, it’s the perfect opportunity for students to network and ask questions.

SUU students can expect to see this event every year with various businesses sponsoring the competition. Students who participate will have the opportunity to network, introduce, and impress these companies, giving the students a chance to prepare for job scouting and apply the skills they learn during the competition to the job interview process.

The Professional Sales program is ecstatic about this competition and to see the talent of SUU students soar. To register for the first portion of the Annual Thunder Sales Competition, please complete and submit this Google Form. If you’re interested in professional sales, check them out online or reach out to Director Kurt Wankier.

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