In Partnership with Utah State Board of Education, SUU Offers School Leadership Professional Development

Published: July 06, 2022 | Read Time: 2 minutes

Southern Utah University (SUU) Teacher Education DepartmentSouthern Utah University's Teacher Education Department is partnering with school districts and school leaders who need professional development courses through the School Leadership Professional Development Program (SLPD). With SLPD, school leaders may pursue one of four SUU Certificates in school leadership: Strategic Stakeholder Operations, Organizational Leadership, Instructional Leadership, and Educational, Political & Community Leadership.

Dr. Tony Pellegrini, chair of SUU’s teacher education department, is the founder of the SLPD certificates. He created them, in partnership with support and funding from the Utah State School Board of Education, sponsored by Senator Evan J. Vickers and Representative Rex Shipp.

“Providing these opportunities for professional development for K12 school leaders, board members, and teacher leaders is aligned with needs of educators and adult learning theory," said Dr. Pellegrini. "Through providing affordable and 'Just in Time' learning for leaders and future leaders in K12 schools; we are contributing to the improved achievement scores of our K12 learners and adding value to the climate and cultures of the schools whom we serve in Utah and beyond.”

“There are three significant things that stand-out about these SLPD certificates,” said SUU’s Director of K-12 Programs, Dr. Cynthia Kimball Davis. “One is ​​if you are a school leader at a Utah Title I or ‘Turnaround’ school, you can qualify for a tuition reimbursement. Two, this training is beneficial to administrators and teachers as it allows them to receive graduate-level credit which they can, in turn, apply for lane changes and pay raises. And three, administrators and teachers in any state can not only enroll to take these certificates, but benefit from them.”

Tuition is extremely reasonable at $300 per course and there are four-five courses under each certificate. All courses are built and taught by former and current superintendents and principals.

"School leaders and administrators face a host of pressing matters and challenges today," said SUU Professor Emeritus, Dr. Prent Klag, an SLPD course designer and professor. "In order for school leaders to create situations or circumstances in which goals can be met with integrity, conviction and cooperation, they need knowledge, skills, and mentoring. SUU's School Leadership and Professional Development Program provides a unique and innovative blend of guidance, motivation and direction that ensures school leaders can accomplish critical goals with success."

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