Make Time for a Healthy You with SUU Community Education

Published: January 04, 2023 | Author: Susie Knudsen | Read Time: 3 minutes

Cedar City, UT - This year, make time for yourself by learning new skills that enhance a healthy lifestyle with Southern Utah University’s (SUU) Community Education classes. The new spring lineup offers ways to get active, prepare food and grow fresh produce you can enjoy all year long. Choose from four healthy living classes including Gluten Free and Dairy Free Cooking, Pickleball, Gardening from the Ground Up and Preserving the Harvest to flourish with your family and feel good inside and out.

“The new year is a great time to set goals and commit to learning ways to care for yourself,” said Melynda Thorpe, executive director for SUU Community & Professional Development. “Learning new skills and developing hobbies are significant contributors to staying healthy, active and engaged in the community.”

Try the Pickleball class starting on March 21 to get moving and pick up this popular sport. Learn techniques for serving the ball, basic grip, forehand and backhand hitting and the basic rules of the game with instructor Jeremy Waite.

Cooking with fresh food at home can contribute to your wellness, and for those with allergies or dietary restrictions, healthy cooking can look quite different. Find out what substitutes to use in the new Gluten Free and Dairy Free Cooking class taught by Southwest Tech’s Chef Jon Woodgate on Jan. 26. By learning gluten-free and dairy-free methods, you’ll be able to adapt your favorite recipes and continue cooking for friends and family. This class will keep you in the kitchen and cooking what you love.

“Culinary skills are like tools in a toolbox,” said Woodgate. “If you only have one or two culinary skills and an understanding of those very specific or very unique foods it's hard to branch out. Understanding how to cook gluten-free and dairy-free allows you to add more tools to your toolbox.”

For gardeners looking to improve the quality of their soil and find out what vegetable varieties grow well in Cedar City’s climate, some returning favorite classes are back with instructors Neal and Valerie Pack. The Gardening from the Ground Up class starts on February 1 and will help you prepare for a summer garden. Preserving the Harvest starts March 9 and will help you make the most of your produce and continue to enjoy it year round. Learn many preservation techniques, including freezing, canning and dehydration.

If you are looking for a new hobby, consider taking Wood Carving for Beginners starting on Feb. 2 with instructor Jocelyn Ross. In this fun class, you’ll learn the skills needed to design and create a hand carved charcuterie board to take home. You’ll also get a set of carving tools to continue practicing on different species of wood.

Learn the basics of watercolor painting with returning instructor and local artist Larry Lawoski on Jan. 25. From transparency and color theory to composition and style, this class will teach you how to turn your vision into an art piece you’ll be proud to display. Lawoski will also teach the Intermediate American Sign Language class for those ready to build on existing language skills on Jan. 24.

SUU’s Community Education program offers classes, workshops and events for the purpose of generating fun, cultural and educational opportunities for those who love to learn. While increasing participant knowledge, programs provide non-credit experiences for community members wishing to develop new hobbies, skills and areas of personal interest.

To register for classes visit or call SUU Community Education at (435) 865-8259.

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