Madelyn Gamble Awarded SUU’s 2023 Board of Trustees Scholarship

Published: October 06, 2023 | Author: Clare-Estelle Perkins | Read Time: 3 minutes

Madelyn Gamble

College of Health Sciences nominee Madelyn Gamble has been awarded the 2023 Southern Utah University Board of Trustees Scholarship.  She will graduate in April 2024  with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  This is one of the most prestigious scholarships offered by the University and is awarded by the Board of Trustees to one outstanding SUU student at the end of their junior year. The seven finalists, representing each of the colleges on campus, are nominated by their faculty and dean and recognized for their academic excellence, distinguished service and campus involvement.

 “It feels very surreal,” said Gamble. “I feel beyond honored that my hard work here at SUU is being recognized in such a meaningful way. It has made such a big impact on my life, really helping me focus on my education.”

"Madelyn is the rare student that a professor has the privilege of encountering once every decade,” said Dr. Guizella Rocabado, assistant professor of chemistry at SUU. “She is invested in her studies, she has high standards of excellence, and she is responsible, hard-working, and engaged. Yet, she is also kind, helpful, compassionate, and has the rare ability to have a great study-life balance because she has cracked the code of knowing how to study effectively along with leaving valuable time for important relationships with friends and family. "

Madelyn Mae Gamble is from Centerville Utah; she danced her whole life and was on the drill team in high school. She loved using and learning about the human body through dance and that inspired her to learn more about the sciences and go into nursing. Gamble has always been passionate about school and furthering her education. She loves learning all sorts of new things, naming “Lifelong learning” as one of her biggest passions. SUU was also the perfect fit for her love of the outdoors.

Gamble had an idea of what direction she wanted to take her schooling for her career goals and loved every class as she completed her prerequisite courses. Dr. Rocabado was very energetic and prepared to teach her organic chemistry class making a homey experience as well as making her students comfortable in her office. Gamble would like to recognize the way Dr. Rocabado got to know her personally and would always ask how she was doing as her mentorship and teaching made a great impact.

“Madelyn has been my top student for lecture and lab, as well as a fantastic teaching assistant and research student,” said Dr. Rocabado. “She's done it all to the same excellent level. She certainly is the kind of student that deserves this prestigious award.”

Gamble is proud that she was able to apply all the things she learned when she went to clinical training in St. George this last semester. This experience made her recognize how much she has learned and grown. In addition to her studies, Gamble was the assistant director on the student planning board, helping plan campus events. She also participates in the student nurses association: first as the secretary, then as the vice president last year, and currently as the president of the association.

Upon graduation, Gamble hopes to get a job as a nurse in the Pediatric ICU at Primary Children's Hospital.

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