SUU MBA Presents Marketing Plan to Blue Sky Energy Corporation

Published: October 31, 2023 | Author: Mary Amateis | Read Time: 2 minutes

MBA group posing at Blue Sky Energy facility in Price.

Southern Utah University’s MBA program presented the results of its seven-week consulting class to Blue Sky Energy Corporation in Price, Utah. The half-term class created a marketing and sales plan based on marketing research they conducted and principles of disruptive innovation to help Blue Sky sell its activated carbon filter.

The seven-week course gives MBA students real-life experience in market research and putting marketing theory into practice. This experience makes the students more marketable and able to provide instant value to companies as they progress into long-term careers. 

“The presentation offered an in-depth look at real market analysis and identified several target audiences for Blue Sky’s activated carbon product,” said Alan Hall, a donor to the project. “It also delved into marketing strategies for Blue Sky, both physical and digital, through platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube and trade shows.” 

Blue Sky Energy provides natural resources through the conversion of coal; one of the results of this process is activated carbon. While Blue Sky is not the only company that produces this product, the marketing plan presented to the company shows a major differentiator in price point for the sale of carbon products to companies that make activated carbon filters compared to Blue Sky’s competitors. 

"Working with expert business people like Alan Hall on market research for the coal industry ensures our online MBA students are receiving not only the best theoretical business education but the chance to test marketing theories in practice," said Dr. Paige Gardiner, Assistant Professor of Marketing at SUU and current professor for the MBA consulting class. "The students conducted industry research and produced target account lists for Blue Sky Energy that can be used immediately by the company. The MBA student work brought instant value to the company." 

Half-term classes like Gardiner’s allow MBA students the flexibility to choose their schedules while providing valuable and dynamic experience in relevant career fields. The work-life balance of this course schedule proves beneficial for student mental health–particularly students with families and full-time jobs, who make up a large percentage of MBA students–as well as their readiness to step into a job following graduation. 

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