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Published: October 20, 2023 | Author: Mary Amateis | Read Time: 3 minutes

Sales student shakes hands with competition judge.

Students in the Professional Sales Program at Southern Utah University have the opportunity to compete in several prestigious sales competitions outside the University, in the coming months. The first of these for this semester will be the Inter-Collegiate Sales Competition (ICSC), and National Collegiate Sports Sales Competition (NCSSC). Follow-up rounds for these, and entry to other competitions will follow in the spring of ‘24.

“These competitions provide an avenue for our students to experience selling outside of our classrooms, outside of just SUU, and with others from different parts of the country,” said Pro Sales Administrative Assistant Maree Beach. “The competitive atmosphere encourages excellence and the real-life stakes bring large rewards from which our students have acquired a taste for success and achievement. They work very hard to represent SUU well across the country and we are proud to take our students to compete with other colleges. We look forward to the continued success we anticipate this school year.”

Inter-Collegiate Sales Competition (ICSC)

The Inter-Collegiate Sales Competition is the world’s largest collegiate sales competition including role-play sales, sales management competitions and speed selling. Florida State University Sales Institute will be hosting the competition this November in Orlando, Florida. 

The competition invites sales students from over 80 universities to represent their school and participate in the competition. The invitation-only event is designed to offer participants the opportunity to grow their skills in all aspects of sales management and professional selling. 

National Collegiate Sports Sales Championship

The National Collegiate Sports Sales Championship is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their sports sales skills on a competitive level. Students from schools around the country come to participate in the NCSSC. The competition follows a traditional role-play method. Students will pitch their products to recruiters acting as buyers in the sales scenario. Judges then score performance based on a specific rubric. 

The event allows plenty of time for networking and interviewing opportunities to give students a higher chance to form relationships with potential employers. 

The preliminary round will be held virtually across two weeks in November, followed by the second round in Spring. Dates will be announced.

“We are building something special here. We are developing a program that will give students more opportunity for success than any other program at SUU,” said Luke Perkins, who will be competing in the competitions and is a Pro Sales Ambassador and club member. “The skill set you will develop through this program is extremely valuable to businesses and is why employers come to SUU with very lucrative job offers for our top sales talent.”

In addition to competitions in the fall, the Pro Sales Club is anticipating several other off-campus competing sales opportunities in the spring, including the National Collegiate Sales Competition, Western States Sales Competition, and Challenger Sales Institute. Dates and entry instructions will be announced when decided.

The professional sales program at SUU strives to provide students with the best tools and resources to teach them how to be successful sales professionals at the highest levels of compensation.  Learn more about SUU’s Professional Sales Program here.

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