Spring into Creativity with Exciting SUU Community Education Classes

Published: December 20, 2023 | Read Time: 3 minutes

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This spring, Southern Utah University's (SUU) Community Education program is full of hands-on classes designed to inspire your creativity and enhance your skills. Choose from many offerings to take up a new hobby, such as letterpress printing, hosting and event planning or watercolor painting. Prepare for your summer garden with two returning classes covering planning, planting and preserving what you grow.

"As spring breathes life into the world around us, engaging in creative learning fosters self-discovery, growth and development," said Melynda Thorpe, executive director of SUU Community & Workforce Development. "Our spring classes are designed to get you out with friends and loved ones to learn something new and bloom along with the season."

If your artistic inclinations lean towards the tactile, explore the world of letterpress printing in our new "The Art of Letterpress Printing" four-week course starting on Jan. 23. Immerse yourself in the fundamentals of operating a press, typesetting, and linoleum carving. Blend typography with hand-carved linoleum imagery as you design and print your own unique work. It's time to bring your ideas to life and leave your mark in print.

If you’re planning a spring wedding, consider taking our new "How to Host the Perfect Dinner Party" class, where you'll discover the art of hosting impeccable dinner parties and intimate gatherings. Led by a seasoned executive chef in a professional kitchen, this interactive four-week course starts on Feb. 6 and will guide you through the secrets of crafting crowd-pleasing dishes, creating stylish table settings, and designing impressive plating.

For gardeners looking to improve the quality of their soil and find out what vegetable varieties grow well in Cedar City’s climate, some returning favorite classes are back with instructors Neal and Valerie Pack. The Gardening from the Ground Up class starts on Feb. 7 and will help you prepare your yard. Preserving the Harvest starts March 7 and will help you make the most of your produce and continue to enjoy it year round. Learn many preservation techniques, including freezing, canning and dehydration.

“Our local growing conditions can be a challenge for home gardeners who want to produce at least some of their own food,” said Valerie Pack. “Learning and applying specific best practices before the start of the growing season makes it possible to have a highly productive garden. Understanding safe food preservation methods allows you to take advantage of grocery sales, farmer’s markets and even your own garden to build your home pantry.”

Learn the basics of watercolor painting with returning instructor and local artist Larry Lawoski on Jan. 18. From transparency and color theory to composition and style, this class will teach you how to turn your vision into an art piece you’ll be proud to display. Lawoski will also teach the Intermediate American Sign Language class for those ready to build on existing language skills on Jan. 15.

Pick up a Pickleball class starting on April 29 and get moving with this growing, popular sport. Learn techniques for serving the ball, basic grip, forehand and backhand hitting and the basic rules of the game with instructor Jeremy Waite.

Take the opportunity to spring into creativity with community classes. Enroll today and cultivate your skills in a fun and engaging way. For more information, or to register for a class, call (435) 865-8259.

SUU’s Community Education program offers classes, workshops and events for the purpose of generating fun, cultural and educational opportunities for those who love to learn. While increasing participant knowledge, programs provide non-credit experiences for community members wishing to develop new hobbies, skills and areas of personal interest.

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