Women in Business hosts first-ever Red Riveter Competition

Published: December 08, 2023 | Author: Mary Amateis | Read Time: 3 minutes

Women in Business studying for competition

Southern Utah University’s Dixie Leavitt School of Business was thrilled to host the first-ever Red Riveter business competition, sponsored by SUU and the Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation. The competition for the Women in Business allowed students to test their business skills in three competitions:  a business simulation, case study and 90-second elevator pitch, spread over two weeks in November. Sign-up information was released near the end of October and students were able to create teams and register for competitions. This event allowed students to experience actual business challenges in the format of a competition and the chance to network with fellow students. 

“This competition was an amazing experience where I got to grow my business knowledge and further my communication and leadership skills!” said Gabrielle Mahoe, president of the Women in Business Club. Mahoe, along with Kennedy Nielsen who is vice president of events for the Women in Business Club, took charge of the event by planning and collaborating to put it together.

Business Simulation

The business simulation consisted of four elimination-style rounds, spread across two weeks. In each round, students submitted a business strategy to a computer simulation software.  Students submitted business decisions concerning target audiences, market research, hiring employees, optimizing pricing, accounting and finance. The student or student team that sold the most products by the end of the two weeks was named the winner. The prizes for this round were awarded as follows:

  • 1st place, $200–Lydia Nelson, Tayler Brown, Madison Rowley, Ada Broadbent
  • 2nd place, $100–Franka Smit, Tiffany Thacker, Kaitlyn Brian, 
  • 3rd place, $50–Bodell Nielson, Jerika Torgerson

Case Study

For the case study round, students conducted a comprehensive business analysis for the Friends of Children Instagram account. Friends of Children provides long-term mentoring to children who face a high level of adversity. The task was to identify strengths and weaknesses of the Instagram account and provide recommendations to boost the company’s Instagram marketing efforts to raise donations. Students performed a complete evaluation of the company’s Instagram–including content analysis, audience engagement, content calendar, metrics analytics, etc. Recommendations were submitted to the NGO who judged the cases and awarded the following prizes :

  • 1st place, $200–Tayler Brown, Lydia Nelson, Madison Rowley, Sinead Abbott, Ada Broadbent
  • 2nd place, $100–Heather Durfee
  • 3rd place, $50–Kaitlyn Brian, Tiffany Thacker, Franka Smit, Sophia Grzywacz

Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch was the third competition where students created a pitch for a potential job at Ivory Homes.  Students were provided a list of job positions for Ivory Homes–Marketing Associate, Accounting Associate, Finance Associate, and Sales Associate–along with their descriptions and responsibilities. Participants were free to choose which position they would pitch themselves for, but the goal was to “close the deal”--get hired–within 90 seconds, including their personal information and two or three selling points. The round was awarded as follows:

  • 1st place, $125–Emily Keele
  • 2nd, $75–Tayler Brown
  • 3rd, $50–Kaitlyne Ibay

“Planning and executing the first-ever Red Riveters competition was a very rewarding experience,” said Kennedy Nielsen, vice president of Events and Competitions for the Women in Business Club. “It was a great way for us to get creative and work together as a team. I am grateful to all our participants, the Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business, the Women in Business Club and the Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation for making this incredible opportunity a reality for us.”

The Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation provides opportunities for students to grow into their true potential by focusing on the individual and improving access to education. The Women in Business club at SUU shares in that goal; providing its members with opportunities to grow professionally and personally in ways that will help them succeed even after graduation. 

For more information about next year's Red Riveter competition, or to learn more about the Women in Business Club, reach out to Dr. Paige Gardiner, faculty director of Ivory Scholars and assistant professor of Marketing at paigegardiner@suu.edu

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