SUU’s Frehner Museum Appoints New Manager and Begins Initiatives

Published: March 07, 2024 | Read Time: 2 minutes

Mark Walhimer

The Frehner Museum of Natural History at Southern Utah University has appointed Mark Walhimer as its new manager. Under his leadership, the museum is poised to undergo a transformative period. With a focus on increasing accessibility, engagement and educational value, Walhimer has unveiled an ambitious plan to enhance the museum's offerings and impact within the community. 

"We are excited to have Mark join the SUU team and build excitement about the Frehner Museum of Natural History. The Museum is an SUU and community resource, and we are looking forward to increased awareness," said Dr. William Heyborne, dean of SUU’s Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Natural Sciences.

Walhimer's vision encompasses a range of initiatives to elevate the museum's profile and relevance. Key components of museum updates include:

  1. Increasing Museum Hours: To better accommodate visitors and provide enhanced access to the museum's exhibits and resources, Walhimer plans to extend operating hours, allowing for a more flexible and convenient experience.
  2. Increasing Museum Awareness: Through targeted marketing efforts and community outreach, Walhimer aims to raise awareness of the museum's unique offerings and position it as a must-visit Cedar City destination for individuals and families.
  3. Increasing Interactive Family Activities: Recognizing the importance of fostering a dynamic and engaging environment for visitors of all ages, Walhimer is committed to introducing a variety of interactive activities and programs designed to captivate and educate families.
  4. Raising Awareness of SUU Research: By showcasing the cutting-edge research conducted at Southern Utah University (SUU), the museum will serve as a platform for highlighting the institution's contributions to the fields of natural history, natural sciences, STEM and science at large.
  5. Co-promoting STEM Center: In collaboration with SUU's STEM Center, the museum will actively promote STEM education and exploration, offering a seamless integration of academic resources and real-world learning opportunities.
  6. Emphasis on Natural History, Natural Sciences, STEM, and Science: With a renewed emphasis on these core areas, the museum will present a comprehensive and immersive experience that celebrates the wonders of the natural world and the advancements of scientific inquiry.

Mark Walhimer brings a wealth of experience in museum management and a deep commitment to fostering enriching cultural institutions. His strategic vision for the Frehner Museum of Natural History is poised to invigorate the local community and attract visitors from across the region.

The Frehner Museum of Natural History is dedicated to promoting an understanding and appreciation of the natural world through engaging exhibits, educational programs, and community outreach. Located on SUU’s campus, the museum is a vital resource for students and community members seeking to explore the wonders of nature and science.

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