SUU Prosales hosts first-ever speed dating event

Published: March 05, 2024 | Author: Mary Amateis | Read Time: 2 minutes

People laughing while eating pizza and sodaThe Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business Professional Sales program celebrated Valentine's Day this year with a pitch-competition inspired speed dating event. The event was open to all students across campus and was designed to teach students the basics of a quick sales pitch through a speed dating experience. Students participated in three different parts of the event; introduction and tips on connecting, ice breakers and various games, and the final speed dating portion. Raffle prizes and awards were given to the winners of the various games at the event.

¨Our event was marketed towards a wider range of students who typically have not had first contact with the business or sales world,” said Carlos Barron, a professional sales student who helped with the event. ¨We made an effort to show them the simplicity and interaction of sales through speed dating. Our goal is to demonstrate to students that sales goes beyond knocking on someone's door, rather it is a dynamic exchange of ideas and commodities among all individuals. In other words, everyone is in sales, but not everyone knows it yet.¨

The event began with a round of tips on connecting with others individually and a general introduction. The following round was for icebreakers and games. Students also entered into a raffle and won various couples prizes– including coupons for free dinner at local restaurants, a free ax-throwing date, gift baskets and more. During the speed dating round, participants had 60 seconds to pitch themselves to their companions in true sales fashion. Successful salesmen left with a date, but everyone left with valuable experience in sales.

Professional Sales holds events like these to demonstrate the simplicity of sales and showcase the material learned in the classroom in a fun and interactive way. Activities like these help to promote student involvement on campus and create an environment of belonging. As one of the fastest-growing professional sales programs in the country, the program at SUU is committed to providing plenty of chances for students to acquire sales skills and develop business acumen that will prove useful throughout their careers.

The Professional Sales program at SUU is dedicated to helping students learn how to market themselves and providing opportunities to further their careers before and after graduation. The program holds competitions, seminars, and networking events to achieve its goal of preparing students to confidently enter the workforce with practical skills in sales.

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