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Published: April 16, 2024 | Author: Mary Amateis | Read Time: 2 minutes

Presenter at Festival of ExcellenceThe Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business is proud to recognize its very own students and faculty who presented their research on a variety of different topics at the Festival of Excellence. The festival is an exciting opportunity for these individuals to showcase their work and establish themselves in the community as scholars in their respective fields. Participating in the festival can be a key step in providing experience and achievements later in life for career searching and hiring opportunities.

Each year, several of the School of Business students and faculty present their innovative new ideas and research to the SUU community. These scholars share their brilliance and their time with their peers and mentors. This year, the school of business has 3 faculty members and 9 student presentations participating in the festival:

  • Cody Dirks (Elijah Neilson as mentor) - The Extent of Discrimination on Facebook Marketplace
  • Carson Cannon (Colby Green as mentor) - The Contingent Effects of Hospital Campaign Contributions on Medicaid Expansion
  • Eve Christiansen, Randall Tyler (Elijah Neilson as mentor) - How Does Implementing a Soda Tax Affect Health Outcomes?
  • Devin Anderson (Joshua Price as mentor) - The Effects of the Diversity Promise Scholarship on Enrollment at SUU
  • Professor Bina Sharma – Competition Law Reform and Firm Performance: Evidence of Developing Countries
  • Porter Killpack (Sijun Liu as mentor) - Understanding National Park Visitors' Experiences: The Effect of Visitors Responsibility Behaviors
  • Michael Winder (David Bern as mentor) - Banking Participation and Income: Exploring the Possible Correlation Between Bank Account Ownership and Income
  • Kira Swann (Joshua Price as mentor) - Long-Term Substitutes Effect on Student Scores in California
  • Professor Roderick He – The YouTube Premium Membership, a Price Discrimination Strategy
  • Lauren Howell (Joshua Price as mentor) - An Econometric Exploration of Maternal Smoking and Infant Birth Weight
  • Keisey Grimshaw (Joshua Price as mentor) - Job Satisfaction and Economic Sector of Occupation
  • Alexa Dinger-Hansen – The Predator in Your Pocket: Mobile Security and Malware Threats
  • Lauren Winther (Hyejin Kim as mentor) - Investigating Personal Social, and Product-Related factors that Drive Misuse of New Weight-Loss Medication

The collaboration and mentorship between our students and many of our faculty displayed at the Festival of Excellence each year is a hallmark of the relationships business students have with their professors and the goals they can achieve with the right support. The hard work shown by our faculty members, whether through mentorship or their own research, demonstrates the synergy and commitment to their students and the school of business.

The Festival of Excellence is held annually as a one-day event to celebrate scholarship in all forms within the SUU campus. The festival champions all scholarly efforts across disciplines and is an event dedicated to showcasing the brilliance and scholarship of students and faculty alike. All students and employees are encouraged to participate in the festival and present their projects, performances, research and all other scholarly activities in which they may be engaged.

Participate in the Festival of Excellence next year.

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