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POLICY #5.6 
SUBJECT: Capital Facilities Community Impact


Pursuant to Policy R714 of the State Board of Higher Education, this Policy establishes a process for planning and construction of capital facilities to minimize the adverse impact on nearby residents.


  1. Utah System of Higher Education Policy R714 Capital Facilities Community Impact




  1. Authority: Southern Utah University is not subject to the planning and zoning authority of municipalities or other local governmental units in which it is located (Utah Code 10-9a-304 & Utah Administrative Code R23-9-3), but as an institution of the state, it is subject to control and direction by its governing boards, the State Division of Facilities Construction & Management, the State Building Board, and the State Legislature. However, it is the policy of the institution to address at an early stage of its capital facilities planning and construction activities those pertinent factors which would ordinarily be considered in municipal planning and zoning processes.
  2. Community Impact: When planning and constructing capital facilities on campus, the institution shall seek to minimize any adverse impact on adjacent neighborhoods and/or the community in a manner consistent with the attainment of its missions and goals.
  3. Consultation with Municipalities: The University may consult with City and County authorities about proposed or impending capital facilities construction projects when changes to traffic volume and patterns, health and safety, noise, parking, land use, impact on municipal services and/or similar matters may substantially affect the City or the off-campus residential/business community. The administration shall meet as necessary with appropriate municipal authorities to share campus facilities master plans and other pertinent data.
  4. Meetings with Community Residents, Businesses, Community Councils and Other Organizations:
    1. To promote meaningful participation by off-campus residents, businesses and other organizations likely to be affected by proposed additions or changes to capital facilities and operations, the Board of Trustees will sponsor as part of a meeting prior to July each year, a public master plan review for the purpose of presenting current and proposed campus facilities master plans.
    2. Comments and recommendations received from residents, businesses, municipal officials, and others, will be evaluated and considered in the planning and construction of capital facilities.
  5. Presentations to the Board of Higher Education (BHE): The administration shall, as appropriate, present for approval of the BHE its campus facilities master plan and proposed construction projects. These BHE reviews normally take place during public meetings of the Board held on the campus. A report on the community review meeting will accompany the master plan presentation.
  6. Actions of Governing Boards: The University will proceed with capital facilities projects and will implement changes to its operations and programs as directed by its governing boards.




The responsible office for this Policy is the Vice President for Finance and Administration. For questions about this Policy, contact Facilities Management.


Date Approved: July 27, 1990

Amended: March 22, 2013; December 4, 2014