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POLICY #5.32 
SUBJECT: Part-Time and Temporary Employment


The purpose of this Policy is to establish policy and guidelines for part-time and temporary employment.


  1. Southern Utah University Policy 6.0 Definition of Faculty
  2. Southern Utah University Policy 6.27 Faculty Workload
  3. Southern Utah University Policy 8.2 Benefits
  4. Southern Utah University Policy 8.5.1 Overtime (non-Exempt Personnel)


  1. Adjunct Faculty Employees: Positions within Academics that teach for-credit courses not taught by full-time faculty, as defined by University Policy 6.0.
  2. Hourly Non-Student Employees: Does not meet the definition of an Hourly Student Employee as defined below.
  3. Hourly Student Employees: Enrolled for six (6) or more credit hours during the Fall and Spring semesters of the academic year and making satisfactory progress towards the completion of a degree. To qualify as an hourly student if hired during the Summer, individual must be admitted and enrolled for the preceding Spring semester, current Summer semester, and/or upcoming Fall semester. The two (2) classifications of Hourly Student Employees are Regular (paid 100% by the department hiring/employing the student) and Work Study (wages subsidized by Financial Aid up to defined criteria established through a student’s FAFSA information).
  4. Instructional Credit Hour (ICH): An Instructional Credit Hour is derived from a calculation based on the course type, contact hours, and number of credits of a course.
  5. Shakespeare Hourly Employee: Contracted to work for the Utah Shakespeare Festival in a limited, seasonal, and/or temporary position outside of the Acting Company, Stage Managers, and/or Musicians. Positions eligible for overtime pay; can have either student or non-student designation.
  6. Shakespeare Seasonal Employees: Contracted to work for the Utah Shakespeare Festival in a limited, seasonal, and/or temporary capacity as a member of the Acting Company, Stage Managers, and/or Musicians. Positions exempt from overtime by Fair Labor & Standards Act.


  1. Hiring and Employment
    1. For the benefit of our students, hiring preference for all part-time campus positions, except Adjunct Faculty and Shakespeare positions, will be given to those with active SUU student status. Hiring/maintaining an Hourly Non-Student Employee requires the approval of Human Resources.
    2. Supervisors have full authority to hire and terminate part-time and temporary employment. Documentation on terminations may be requested and forwarded to the Human Resources Office.
    3. All Hourly positions are advertised through Human Resources’ Employment website. Each position will be advertised for a minimum of three (3) business days before an applicant is hired. Departments are also strongly encouraged to post Adjunct Faculty positions through Human Resources.
    4. If the selected applicant has never worked at SUU or has not been employed at SUU within the past 12 months, the applicant will complete a Payroll Action Form (PAF) along with Federal W-4 and I-9 forms, prior to starting employment. Human Resources will verify this information and secure additional signatures if required. At this time, the selected applicant will also receive information on the SUU Drug-Free Workplace Policy, Anti-Harassment Policy, and other employment information relating to part-time employment (direct deposit, pay dates, timesheet entry, benefit ineligibility, employee resources, etc.).
    5. If the selected applicant has worked for SUU within the last 12-month period, the paperwork noted in IV.A.4. will be on file. Therefore, the supervisor will submit an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF).
    6. Hourly Student Employees who are work-study recipients, as determined by the Federal government and administered by SUU Financial Aid, are awarded a specific dollar amount of Work Study funds. Hourly wage dollars earned from Work Study funds cannot exceed the award amount. Once Work Study funds are exhausted, it is the responsibility of the employing department to transition the employee to a regular hourly position if employment is to continue and funding is available. Students are limited to one (1) active Work Study job at a time.
    7. All employees will be paid at least the federal minimum wage with two levels of department approval required on all applicable hiring paperwork. Any hourly wage greater than two times the federal minimum wage will require the approval of the appropriate Vice-President or President.
  2. Work Hours and Benefits
    1. All part-time hourly & Shakespeare Seasonal employees are limited to no more than two active positions open at any given time and are capped at 1,500 total work hours in any rolling 12-month measurement period (e.g. May – April, July – June, January – December, etc.).
      1. Student hourly positions may work up to an average of 20 hours per week on campus during Fall and Spring semesters when classes are in session. Hours per week should not exceed 40 when classes are not in session or in the Summer term or holiday / vacation breaks without department approval. Hours worked above 40 per week will be paid at overtime levels as defined by Policy 8.5.1.
      2. Hourly non-student employees may work up to an average of 29 hours per week. Hours per week should not exceed 40 without department approval. Hours worked above 40 per week will be paid overtime levels as defined by Policy 8.5.1.
    2. Hourly Student Employees and those Adjunct Faculty & Shakespeare employees who are enrolled at SUU for six (6) credit hours or more are exempt from FICA Social Security and Medicare taxes during the Fall and Spring Semesters so long as they maintain their student status as defined by this Policy. Their overall wages from these jobs are also not covered by any program of unemployment or retirement. These positions, however, are covered by the University’s Workers Compensation program.
    3. Wages earned by Hourly employees and those Adjunct Faculty and Shakespeare Seasonal employees who are not enrolled at SUU or enrolled at SUU for less than six (6) credit hours are subjected to FICA Social Security and Medicare taxes during the entire academic year. In addition, these wages are eligible for unemployment benefits and covered by the University’s Workers Compensation program, but not covered by any other benefits described in policy.
    4. Departments are responsible for the monitoring/tracking of hours to remain in compliance with this policy. Departments, in conjunction with Human Resources, may make recommendations with regards to terminations and future benefit eligibility of its part-time and temporary employees.



The responsible office for this Policy is the Vice President for Finance. For questions about this Policy, contact the Office of Human Resources.


Date Approved: July 27, 1990

Amended: December 3, 2002; February 19, 2009; October 15, 2010; August 23, 2011; June 13, 2013; August 22, 2014; January 18, 2019; June 9, 2023