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POLICY #6.26
SUBJECT: Credit Hour Loads


The purpose of this policy is to provide parameters on the maximum amount of credits an SUU student can enroll in each academic term.


  1. Southern Utah University Policy 6.31 Academic Standards


  1. Credit Hour: A Credit Hour of work is the equivalent of approximately 50 minutes of class time or 60 minutes of independent study work. A minimum of 45 hours of work by each student is required for each unit of credit.
  2. Credit Hour Load: The total number of Credit Hours a student is, or may be, enrolled in during a Semester.
  3. Good Standing: A status for students who maintain a cumulative and Semester grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  4. Semester: An academic term that is approximately one-third of the academic year, either Fall, Spring, or Summer.
  5. Session: An academic term that a portion of a full academic Semester.
  6. Tuition Plateau: A set tuition price for students within a set range of Credit Hours. Tuition Plateaus vary by student level, campus, and residency status.


  1. General
    1. Credit Hours listed in Session courses are counted in students’ total Semester Credit Hours. It is not recommended that students attempt to complete more than half of their maximum Credit Hour Load in an individual Session.
  2. Undergraduate Students
    1. Undergraduate students in Good Standing may enroll in up to 19 Credit Hours during each Semester. The typical Credit Hour Load for full-time undergraduate students in Good Standing is 12-18 Credit Hours each Semester.
    2. Undergraduate students with an SUU grade point average of 3.5 or higher may enroll in up to three (3) additional Credit Hours above 19 each Semester with permission of their academic Dean.
    3. Undergraduate students on Academic Warning or Academic Probation or admitted provisionally to the University (see SUU Policy 6.31) are subject to Credit Hour Load restrictions as determined by the Director of Academic Success and/or the Academic Standards and Admissions Committee.
  3. Graduate Students
    1. Graduate students in Good Standing may enroll in up to 13 Credit Hours during each Semester. The typical Credit Hour Load for full-time graduate students is 6-12 credits, depending on program.
    2. Students may enroll in additional credits above 13 with permission of the program’s academic Dean.
    3. Graduate students on Academic Probation are subject to their individual graduate program or College/School’s Credit Hour Load restrictions as outlined in the SUU General Catalog.
  4. Tuition Charges
    1. Students may be charged additional tuition and fees by enrolling in additional Credit Hours above their Tuition Plateau.


The responsible office for this Policy is the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. For questions about students' Credit Hour Loads, contact the Registrar's Office.


Date Approved: January 24, 2001

Amended: May 4, 2007; March 24, 2022