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POLICY #8.3.1
SUBJECT: Flexible Work Arrangements


The purpose of this Policy is to set forth the basis for allowing Flexible Work Arrangements for University staff.


  1. Alternative Work Schedule: A schedule other than the traditional 8 AM to 5 PM with a 1-hour lunch, or a work schedule that differs from other Employees within a department.
  2. Department Head: The administrator(s) reporting directly to the divisional Vice President.
  3. Employee: For the purposes of this Policy, individuals employed by the University, except faculty and hourly student positions.
  4. Flexible Work Arrangement: Any arrangement where Employees are allowed to complete their work in an alternative location (i.e., Remote Work) or on an alternative schedule (e.g., 4-10s, 9-9s, early start, late start, etc.)
  5. Remote Work: Job duties performed at the Employee's residence or another approved work location outside of institutional premises. For purposes of this policy, Remote Work is limited to situations where the Employee performs job duties remotely on a regular, continuous basis as opposed to a sporadic, unscheduled, “once in a while” basis.


  1. The University values the culture achieved through having work performed on institutional premises. It is, therefore, the standard of the University to have work performed on institutional premises during regular business hours. However, the University may permit Flexible Work Arrangements, including Alternative Work Schedules and Remote Work, under the following conditions:
    1. Performing job duties and activities in a remote location or on an alternative schedule is feasible with respect to the Employee’s job description.
    2. The Employee’s performance is not diminished as a result of the Flexible Work Arrangement.
  2. Approval of a Flexible Work Arrangement is made on a case-by-case basis. Flexible Work Arrangements are not a right or universal benefit for Employees.
  3. Approval of a Flexible Work Arrangement does not constitute a permanent work adjustment for that position. Any replacement or interim Employee must negotiate a separate Flexible Work Arrangement.
  4. An Employee who changes positions or is reassigned to another position must reapply for a Flexible Work Arrangement.
  5. Employees with a Flexible Work Arrangement are subject to all University policies and terms and conditions of employment.
  6. The University maintains the ability to, at its sole discretion, approve, deny, withhold, cancel, or withdraw a Flexible Work Arrangement at any time for any reason, provided that the Employee is given notice at least one week in advance.
  7. The University President may, in emergency circumstances, for concerns related to public health and safety, or when it is prudent to vacate campus facilities, issue a general exemption to job description requirements to perform work on institutional premises.
  8. This policy may be applied when hiring staff who, on a regular, continuous basis, perform their job duties remotely or on an alternative schedule.
  9. The Human Resources Office will establish and maintain procedures and forms related to the implementation, approval, record keeping, and maintenance of Flexible Work Arrangements.



The responsible office for this Policy is the Vice President for Finance. For questions about this Policy, contact the Office of Human Resources.


Date Approved: August 7, 2020

Amended: N/A