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POLICY #9.12 
SUBJECT: Parental Leave


The purpose of this Policy is to provide paid leave to benefit eligible employees for the purpose of caring for and bonding with a new child.


  1. Southern Utah University Policy 6.15 Faculty Leaves
  2. Southern Utah University Policy 9.2 Annual Leave
  3. Southern Utah University Policy 9.7 Family and Medical Leave
  4. Southern Utah University Policy 9.10 Sick Leave


  1. Active Appointment: A faculty or staff employee on an active employment assignment and who is currently working and receiving compensation. For example, those employees on a 9-month appointment would not be in active status during the months outside that 9-month specified time period.
  2. Benefit-Eligible Employee: An individual employed by Southern Utah University and eligible for University fringe benefits (medical insurance, life insurance, long-term disability, retirement, etc.).
  3. Employed at the University for at least six (6) months: Six (6) months of continuous employment as a Benefit-Eligible Employee immediately preceding the Qualifying Event; employees whose appointments are less than 12-months must have at least six (6) months continuous employment on an Active Appointment with the University during the 10 months immediately preceding the Qualifying Event.
  4. Parent: A biological or adoptive father or mother who intends to and does care for their new child during the leave period.
  5. Qualifying Event: Birth of a child or acceptance of a placement of a child(ren) for adoption (up to 6 years of age), for whom the Benefit-Eligible Employee is a Parent, and occurring after August 12, 2021.


  1. Eligibility: Any Benefit-Eligible Employee who is on an Active Appointment at the time of the leave and who has been employed at the University for at least six (6) months immediately preceding the Qualifying Event is eligible to receive paid Parental leave as further set out in this Policy.
    1. A faculty member may elect modified duties as permitted and described in Policy 6.15 or the paid leave provided under this Policy. The faculty member is eligible only for one benefit, either this paid Parental leave or the modified duties, per Qualifying Event. Once the faculty member has utilized one of the benefits, even in part, they are no longer eligible for the other benefit.
    2. Part time and reduced appointment positions will receive pro-rated leave based on their appointment ratio/time to the extent they qualify during the timeframe in which they have an Active Appointment.
  2. Benefit: Each eligible employee may receive up to six (6) weeks (30 work days) of paid leave for each Qualifying Event, subject to the provisions in this Policy. Pay during the leave shall be at 100% of the eligible employee's regular rate of pay.
    1. While using paid Parental leave, employees continue to receive benefits in accordance with University rules and continue to accrue vacation and sick leave as defined in Policy 9.2 and Policy 9.10.
    2. Paid Parental leave runs concurrently with (serves as a substitute for) FMLA, when applicable. Accrued sick and vacation leave may be taken by the employee in addition to Parental leave in accordance with Policy 9.7.
    3. The amount of Parental leave does not increase if the Qualifying Event involves the adoption or birth of more than one (1) child.
    4. Notwithstanding the date of occurrence listed in defining a Qualifying Event, if the Qualifying Event occurred in the 12 weeks prior to the date, whatever portion of the benefit remains at the time the policy is adopted may be utilized by an eligible employee. Paid Parental leave must be taken within 12 weeks immediately following the Qualifying Event. Any amount not utilized by the eligible employee within this timeframe is forfeited, regardless of whether the employee has an Active Appointment during none, some, or all of that time. Unused Parental leave will not be paid out upon separation from the institution at any time.
    5. Paid Parental leave only applies during periods when the employee is on an Active Appointment. Employees on academic year or less than 12-month appointments may not receive paid Parental leave for periods when not on an Active Appointment.
    6. The employee may take Parental leave intermittently or on a reduced leave schedule only in agreement with their supervisor, but in such case, may not exceed the timeframe set out in Section IV.B.4. above. Without that agreement of the supervisor, the Parental leave must be taken consecutively without any breaks; if there is a break where the employee returns to work, the rest of the paid Parental leave is forfeited at the time the employee returns to work.
    7. If both Parents are University employees eligible for paid Parental leave under this policy, and both intend to take paid Parental leave or modified instructional duties, one (1) employee must be designated the primary caregiver and one (1) employee must be designated the secondary caregiver. Each eligible employee is responsible for designating their own caregiver status:
      1. The primary caregiver if they are electing paid Parental leave is provided six (6) paid weeks of leave.
      2. The secondary caregiver if they are electing paid Parental leave is provided two (2) paid weeks of leave.
      3. These paid leave time periods apply even if the other employee-Parent is electing modified duties. For example, if the primary caregiver elects modified duties and the secondary caregiver elects Parental leave, then the secondary caregiver receives two (2) weeks paid Parental leave. If both Parent-employees elect modified instructional duties, please see Policy 6.15 for eligibility and time periods.
    8. Employees wishing to take paid Parental leave must fill out required forms and information, and provide documentation, as necessary to demonstrate eligibility under this Policy. Employees should provide as much advance notice as possible and in accordance with applicable instructions on the request form, which may be amended from time to time.



The responsible office for this Policy is the Vice President for Finance. For questions about this Policy, contact the Office of Human Resources.


Date Approved: August 12, 2021

Amended: N/A