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Amazon Web Services Academy Cloud Foundation Certificate

Designed for those looking to adapt or start an online business, this certificate program provides advanced training and practical skills with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Course modules explore the fundamental concepts of cloud computing, the economics and billing associated with AWS, the global infrastructure components of AWS, security and compliance, networking features, computing alternatives, storage options, database options, cloud architectural design principles, scalability, monitoring and certification guidance.

Successful completion of the AWS certificate earns an SUU Institutional Certificate and three Continuing Education Units (CEU).

Course Work

Learning resources include lecture videos, online multiple-choice knowledge checks, lecture materials, lab exercises, and instructor-led mentoring sessions and demonstrations.  You will work independently to complete assigned learning modules, have opportunities to interact with fellow students in online forums and have the opportunity to interact weekly with the course instructor to reinforce key learning objectives for the week.

Course content includes pre-recorded videos, lab exercises, and optional slides that were used in the recorded videos. You may move ahead in the course at an independent pace, or follow the course schedule.

If you are interested in potential future offerings of this course, please request more information from SUU Professional Development.