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ILA’s Adventure Days are fast-paced and packed with intriguing and life-changing experiences. Spend one full day each month with fellow Academy members and enjoy VIP tours, networking with local leaders and building skills and relationships that will help you to become an effective changemaker for your community.

ILA Adventure Days

September: Retreat

October: One Utah Summit and Leadership Day
Join Utah leaders and receive exclusive access to a VIP networking reception at the One Utah Summit. Hear from entrepreneurs, successful business owners and government officials.

November: Service
Learn about opportunities for service and organizations in need in Iron County. Meet the local leaders who facilitate these experiences and get an exclusive look into how their work is positively impacting our community.

December: Education

Dive into education by hearing from educators, visiting all levels of schools in the area and learning how this topic impacts all areas of our community

January: Health and Wellness
Hear from Iron County health professionals and gain a greater awareness of the challenges these experts face every day in helping our community stay well.

February: Government Day at Utah State Capitol
This month, ILA members travel to Salt Lake City for a visit to the Utah State Capitol and experience a day of Legislative session.

March: Growth and Development
Get a better understanding of how growth and development influences small businesses and consumers.

April: Parks, Recreation and Tourism
Learn more about Iron County’s parks, recreation and tourism. Better understand the economic impact these areas have and how supporting them can forge growth and opportunity.

May: Arts, Culture & Belonging
Participate in a day of celebrating people, art and culture. Visit with the diverse groups in Iron County and gain insight into who they are and what makes them unique.

May: Graduation
Celebrate your completion of the ILA program.

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